Sunday, April 28, 2024

Suggested MUET Reading 800/3 Answers for Session 1 2024

Hi everyone... so I've been on holiday to Melaka and met up with some really awesome MUET teachers and we had a jolly good time catching up and talking about all things MUET. So blessed to be able to catch up!

Anyway, I know you're dying to check your answers so I did it on the flight back from KLIA2 to KKIA. I wish someone would give me a sports car or a million bucks for my effort every year since I started the blog but I guess I should be happy with helping kids n teachers all these years. Anyway, wishful thinking is always harmless and could prove miraculous, right? 

Bah, these are my answers but I'm pretty sure they are almost perfect. These are NOT official answers, and MPM does not release them until a year or so has passed. As usual, debate politely or I will delete comments. 

Good luck! 

1. B (free drinks)
2. A (mobile phone)
3. A (anytime)
4. C (3 places)
5. C (scene of accident)
6. A (saw accident)
7. C (the car)
8. A (brave)
9. C (God)
10. B (family)
11. A (new)
12. B (fall to the floor)
13. C (snow)
14. C (one of a kind)
15. A (quarter of Siberian population)
16. B (photographer, equipment, "tourist")
17. B (coldest permanently occupied human settlement)
18. C (liquid saliva changed to ice)
19. B (Y: +30, -40, O: +30, -72)
20. C (A is X cos O is recorded lower temp, B is X because Y is 1840km from Irkutsk)
21. D (found goggles in the Red Sea)
22. A (experience the desert, B is X because there is no mention of temperature)
23. G (cast in movies as the Red Planet - Mars)
24. C (introduces the coffee topic)
25. F (deadly sin if coffee is served cold n can drink in one go)
26. E (had enough coffee)
27. B (far from the highway)
28. C (description of his busy daily routine)
29. B (X big house, X pen)
30. A (proud he harvested 6 seeds)
31. C (hardships of poverty, no ingredients to cook)
32. D (good mood = credit/reduced prices)
33. A (paid for 2 ingredients)
34. A (symbol for national pride)
35. C (colour - pink)
36. D (long, complicated, expensive process)
37. D (low flower prices yet high oil prices)
38. A (no one can control the weather)
39. B (unexpected weather conditions like hailstorms)
40. D (challenging processes)


  1. Hello, I think for question 15 the answer maybe is incorrect.

    1. yes there is a difference between siberia and eastern siberia.The better answer is B

  2. For question 19,the question asked for usual temperature answer, the answer should be C right?

  3. teacher i worry that 20 could be incorrect because yakutsk is famous for diamond and oymyakon has this extreme temp so surely could not be suitable for agricultural right, mine is A

  4. for 18, is it metaphor that infer his mouth bleed cause the words like needles and prick as cold weather can something cause our lips to break and bleed, mine is B

  5. for 27, i think that in paragraph 1 line 4 said the map meant for taxes so should be C?

  6. for 29, in the paragraph 3 they mentioned that "Although no one could say precisely who owned the tree, is it means that moringa tree is not owned by Muni so the answer is A?

  7. for 34, national pride means that the country is proud of having the flower right but not specifically means that it is the national flower of Bulgaria, so the answer should be C?

    1. and also it says that its flower means only the rose valley flowers are the national flower?

  8. Thanks teacher for the reply

  9. Hai teacher. Do you have answers for listening