Monday, June 15, 2015

MUET Speaking question June 2015

Hi, all. My students are taking this year's MUET, mid year paper. Here is an update of the questions that came out. I am using my own words as I only got feedback from the students so it is not verbatim. Anyway, as long as you get the gist, it will help you prepare better because you can gauge the level of questions and ignore topics below for they seldom repeat questions in the same set.

Set 1
Task A:
Discuss ways to ensure the success of a group project.
Candidate A: Choose the right team
Candidate B: Distribute the work equally
Candidate C: Set a realistic plan
Candidate D: Have good teamwork among members.
Task B:
Discuss which of the ways can best ensure the success of a group project.

Set 2
Task A:
Discuss television programmes that are useful in our daily lives.
Candidate A: Television programmes on travelling
Candidate B: Television programmes on cooking
Candidate C: Television programmes on health issues
Candidate D: Television programmes on current issues
Task B:
Discuss which type of television programmes are the most useful in our daily lives.

Set 3
Task A:
Discuss effective resolutions for water shortages.
Candidate A: Water rationing
Candidate B: Other sources
Candidate C: Water bill tariff
Candidate D: Educate people
Task B:
Discuss which of the resolutions for water shortages is the most effective.

Set 4
Task A:
Discuss the best reasons why people should grow their own fruits and vegetables.
Candidate A: Good for the family budget
Candidate B: Good for the environment
Candidate C: Good for health
Candidate D: Good for making use of available land
Task B:
Discuss which is the best reason why people should grow their own fruits and vegetables.

Set 5
Task A:
Discuss characteristics that make people happy. 
Candidate A: Be grateful
Candidate B: Have a positive outlook
Candidate C: Have a good relationship with others
Candidate D: Have a goal
Task B: 
Discuss which of the characteristics above will most likely make people happy.  

Set 6
Task A:
Discuss ways to overcome tiredness.
Candidate A: Have a good sleep and rest
Candidate B: Have a balance between work and play
Candidate C: Have healthy eating habits
Candidate D: Exercise regularly
Task B: 
Discuss which is the best way to overcome tiredness. 

Set 7
Task A:
Discuss sectors or industries that have the best job scope.
Candidate A: Agriculture sector
Candidate B: Business sector
Candidate C: Manufacturing industry
Candidate D: Entertainment industry
Task B: 
Discuss which of the sectors or industries above has the best job scope. 


Summer of 2015 MUET Roadshow Uni Razak, KL & SMK Khir Johari, Sg. Petani

My first tour of duty was to leave on 5th June and be picked up by the awesome Mr. Razol of Uni Razak at KLIA. He came in his shiny new Peugeot and I had great limo service to the hotel. Arrived past midnight and went straight to sleep to be fresh for the workshop the next day. On Saturday, 6th June, it was a public holiday for TYT's birthday yet 60+ uni students of UNI RAZAK showed up for my 8.30 to 4.30pm workshop. We did speaking simulations, theory and had tons of laughs with jokes to test their proficiency. Luckily, they laughed at most of my jokes so I could tell these students have quite high command of the English language and they will certainly do well in MUET as well as become future leaders in Malaysia. One of the best memories was being stuck in the jam during lunch break, and we ended up returning late to the auditorium but the Lamb Shank briyani was soooooooooo worth the calories and the cholesterol. In short, it was a brilliant and memorable experience which could only have taken off with the hard work and commitment of Mr. Razol, the Director for the Centre for Languages and Malaysian Studies and his great team. Kudos to all and may the force be with you! 

My second stop was to fly from KL to Penang on the 7th of June on Sunday.. and on the Monday morning, Pn. Norzihan and her husband came to pick me up having driven all the way from Sg. Petani, Kedah only to drive all the way back there for the MUET workshop. It was definitely a superb collaboration between the district education office and the 8 schools that showed up for the talk. I would like to give a shout-out to 250+ teachers and students of SMK Khir Johari, SMK Kota Kuala Muda, SMK Sg. Limau, SMK Sg. Pasir, SMK Amanjaya, SMK Tunku Ismail and SMK Bandar Sungai Petani for sacrificing their mid year holiday break to be with me throughout the 4 hour workshop. I always emphasise that I am just a normal, ordinary teacher striving to share what little I know in the hope that students all around Malaysia can move forward through English language proficiency. Hopefully there will be more Bands 4 and 5 in the coming exam, the bulk of which is the hard work of all their own MUET teachers and just a tiny bit more 'ajinomoto' from me. Special mention to Mr. Yap for being my official power-pointer and to all the teachers who made the effort to come and listen. Tq especially to Pn.Norzihan and team and to her hubby for driving me back to Georgetown via the ferry. Was a wonderful tour of duty, in fact it felt like a holiday tour! Anyway, good luck, everyone!

I am always humbled that people would like me to speak at the workshops they organise. I have no intention of stepping on MPM's toes but I do believe that what little I know, I should make a point to share. Together, let us raise the standard of English in Malaysia so we can stand tall in the eyes of the world. #feelingblessed

Thursday, March 12, 2015

GRAMMARLY Challenge!

Recently the most awesome grammar specific people have contacted me @ muetmyway to collaborate with them. Ever heard of It's the world's best grammar checker and it's totally free. Really cool stuff to do with English grammar and peculiarities that make English so unique. You can look up their cool grammar checker by clicking on this word: Grammarly

Have a look at the data they sent me below:


The FIRST PERSON to write a short 50 WORD REPORT on the stimulus given by Grammarly above in the comment thread below will WIN A SPECIAL PRIZE SPONSORED BY GRAMMARLY!! 
When submitting your entry please include your full name, email and contact number so GRAMMARLY can contact you for your special prize! 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

MUET March 2015 Reading answers.

Finally got a copy. Will b uploading pics as answers so u can see d evidence. Feel free to dispute.


Okay, answers done. Up for debate. Please try to remember I am doing this for FREE and you shouldn't annoy me by demanding answers especially since my own students did not take this exam and I was hard pressed to find a copy of the questions. Remember that it is virtuous to be patient and I do not tolerate rudeness. Be thankful that someone bothers to discuss MUET answers with you and stop being selfish. I am officially annoyed by the emails I am getting 'forcing' and 'demanding' answers. If you can't say anything nice, just don't say anything at all - that's the golden rule!

Anyway, I will be blogging soon about the writing tasks. Even I didn't expect Q2 to be so tough but if you gave good examples like aviation tragedies, natural disasters including flood mitigation in Malaysia and mass massacres or terrorism including the ISIS agenda then you are on the right track. if you spoke about problems as opposed to 'tragedies' which are calamities that are on a much larger scale, then you may not have answered the question accurately. The trick is to tie in Part A with Part B of the question. Wait for my next blog, but this time, be patient!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

1st MUET talk 2015, Politeknik, KK

Yay!!! My first MUET talk of the year. I'm happy to help wherever I go. People always ask me a recurring question: how much do I charge? Basically, as long as you look after my basic needs, whatever you offer is good enough. It's the passion, not the kaching. I go where there are students hungry for knowledge - thirsting for a better future through an optimised English language result. Haha.. so dramatic! Here's to many more to come.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

MUET my way website is finally published!

Still a work in progress but I figured I needed a new platform so that people can easily find stuff cos blogspot archive is a bit messy. It may take a while to compile all the info there and since no one is paying me to do it, it might take longer than expected.. hehe esp since the school hols are right at my doorstep as I type this. Good luck to me!


Monday, November 10, 2014

MUET Exam Statistics 2011 - 2013

I have recently managed to acquire copies of the official examination reports for all STPM & MUET subjects from 2011 to 2013. Needless to say I am gobsmacked to have found such a treasure published by Pelangi and apparently ALL schools in Malaysia should have received a copy.

Anyway, from my observations, the results are quite astounding especially with the recent government announcement that for a future lawyer or doctor to graduate, they need a minimum Band 5. Look closely at the data and you will know why I'm reeling in shock.

As a MUET educator, what does this data tell you. Should you be worried?
As a MUET candidate, what are the implications to you? Should you be worried?
As a public university, what does this data translate to? Should you be worried?
As an education policy maker, how does this data reflect on the new MUET policy?
Should WE be worried?

Being worried is not enough. We each have a role to play. Together, we can make a difference.