Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Can't seem to comment on my own site.. argh!

Great job guys... now I know that my answers are almost 100% accurate compared to MPM's. Yippee!

Mich... no need to aim for B6. Only 1% of Malaysians can actually score B6 so a B5 is already a great achievement. Mind you, even English teachers cannot be sure of getting a B6 if they take MUET as the level is excruciatingly high. :P

Chew.. as for appealing, well I haven't had any experience regarding this but you are welcome to appeal if you really need a B4 to advance in your education. If you can do so with a B3 then there is no point. If you appeal, do let me know how it turns out. Will keep my fingers crossed for you.

Once again, thanks guys for all the compliments. My greatest joy is to be able to give back to the people what my teachers have given me along the way. An open mind, and more importantly, an open heart. Cheerios!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Results are in!!!

Hey guys... sorry I have been so busy relaxing that I haven't touched my blog in ages!!!

Great work for those who got the bands they targetted... Proud of you guys...

Need a favour.. can you check your reading comprehension marks and compare to the answers that I published here.. I need to know how close or far my answers were from MPM's. If u scored 40/45 on mine and on your slip it says you scored 41/45 then i know that my answers are 1 question out of sync... If u cant figure out the math.. just tell me your result and i'll work it out.

Cheers all!

Good luck in your future undertakings!