Tuesday, June 19, 2012

2nd Sabah Interschool MUET Colloquium 2012

Essay question for you to try: 

"A country's development is dependent on national unity." Discuss in no less than 350 words. 


Time has flown by again and the next MUET exam is around the corner. I've not managed to do much with my blog but I hope everything that I've uploaded in the ARCHIVES are still relevant and great samples especially for Bands 3 & 4. If you hope to achieve a higher band, you will definitely need to demonstrate an extensive vocabulary and that your language/grammar is pristine. The speaking part you have to show confidence, maturity and ability to elaborate well with good examples. Anyway, if there are any out there who can send me their essays, I'll happily grade it for you and you can know your band. However, I doubt if I have much time to edit word for word.

Right, so tomorrow is the big day for the 2nd Sabah Interschool MUET Colloquium 2012 and I'm very excited about this. This year we have 9 schools from all around the state participating and this shows an improvement from last year where only 6 schools took part. Will upload pics and a report as soon as it is over, hopefully.... if I'm not drowned in work.

On Fri I shall be flying to Johor for the 2nd time to do a longer workshop with the students there. Thank you University Tun Hussien Onn, Batu Pahat for inviting me and I hope the speaking workshop on Fri night and the fully day workshop on Saturday will be worth your while. Thank you Mahfudzah and the committee for paying my passage and putting in the effort to run this course. Much appreciated. :P Ok so UTHO students.. look out for me! :P