Tuesday, March 22, 2011

MUET Power-Point Slides

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As you can see I've decided to make my slides public. But it comes with a warning.

1. Do NOT spread the slides and claim ownership as if you were the one who came up with it. ASK MY PERMISSION FIRST if you would like to use it in your classes or at a seminar.

2. You may share the info from the slides but do NOT use the info for any commercial purposes without my knowledge.

3. If you have queries ask me, do NOT find a way to alter any of my slides without my knowledge.

I'm putting them up because I believe there is power in knowledge, not just any knowledge but the shared type, not the selfish kind. So since I have uploaded, I welcome any feedback be it positive or otherwise. More importantly, it is crucial to get you MUET minds thinking critically about issues related to this test. I don't proclaim to know everything, but what I do know, I'd like to share.

God bless us all, especially in this time in the world where nothing seems safe, not in Egypt, Japan, Libya... and with the rumours of a possible coming election, not even us in Malaysia.


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Monday, March 21, 2011

My Listening Slides.. CopyRight: Ask My Permission before Spreading!

Another good example for the internet crimes essay.

THANKS SZE MEING FOR YOUR SUBMISSION. SOME ADJUSTMENTS IN VOCABULARY SELECTION BUT OTHERWISE A GREAT PIECE. *Note that it is ok to have two paragraphs for points and one for solution/suggestions etc.

In this era where everything is just a click away, the advanced technology available has provided mankind with loads of convenience and the invention of internet access allows people to do various kinds of job sitting in front of the computer. In my opinion, I believe that the increasing cases of internet crime has brought about many disadvantages. In this essay, I will discuss two bad effects of internet crime which include loss of personal properties and disturbance in personal life as well as a prevention method which is to increase self-awareness and alertness in the society.

First and foremost, the victims will suffer from loss of personal properties such as a huge amount of money and some official data. This is because the personal information of the people who have been cheated such as bank account number is abused by the criminals. Moreover, the number of hackers who know well how to access to people's personal online account illegally is also on the rise. Take for example, many opportunist parties send emails to people telling them that they have won cash prizes and require their bank account number to bank in the money to their bank accounts but the criminals actually derive all the money from those bank accounts. Therefore, internet crime has caused people to lose their personal properties.

Next, internet crime threatens the personal life of the victims. This means that their personal security, safety and privacy are challenged. Furthermore, their family members probably will suffer from deep depression too. For instance, some irresponsible people spread rumours on the internet that will ruin the victim's reputation and some even post the personal details and inappropriate photos of the victim out of hatred or grudge for the victim and many more. Thus, the victims will experience an ordeal which people around will look down on them or make fun of them over a long period due to internet crime.
In order to prevent the internet crime from escalating, one should avoid giving others their email addresses and especially their account passwords. People should also sign up for trusted websites only. Besides that, the crime prevention department can collaborate with schools and government to teach people how to increase their online account protection such as Facebook account and to report as spam when they receive junk emails. All in all, all these strategies can help to lower the number of internet crime cases by increasing the self-awareness and alertness of the society.

In conclusion, the disadvantages of internet crime that I mentioned are loss of personal properties and disturbance of personal life while increasing the self-awareness and alertness of society is one of the preventions. I still agree that internet crime brings a lot of bad effects to people and the society. I hope that the government can impose stricter laws so that less people will become the victim of internet crime in the future.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Materialism essay

Hi all... exam week in school so everything is a bit quiet. I've just given a course on grammar at KK high school, got a MUET reading seminar this Fri, hv a second part of the KK high school seminar on MUET this 23rd, and then a reading and speaking seminar at Likas Tek n Voc school... busy busy bee... hehe

Anyway, here is the test question we used in my school this week. It was the question MPM used in 2008 if I'm not mistaken. Give it a go and email me your essays. I'll blog it if it's good enough. haha.. a good challenge eh?

"People are becoming more materialistic. They are concerned with making more money and what money can buy." What is your opinion on being materialistic? You should write at least 350 words.

Happy penning.. :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

INTERNET CRIMES SAMPLE ESSAY curtesy of Cheong Qween Ling

Thanks for submitting this sample essay. The red zones are added by me to bulk out the essay so that it follows an academic essay format. Every introduction must have a thesis statement or what I prefer to call an outline whereby the three points are listed. At the conclusion section, you should show critical thinking skills by adding a recommendation for the readers to consider, a proposal that is worth looking into.

Internet crime refers to any crime that involves a computer and a network. It is a criminal exploitation of the internet. As more people are being cheated by irresponsible parties using it as their scam tool, it is indeed a serious matter that we should look into. There are many aspects of internet crime but here I will touch on the three main examples, namely credit card fraud, get rich quick schemes and stalkers on the internet.

One of the most well known cyber crimes would be the credit card fraud. Credit cards are meant to make life easier for us as we would not need to carry cash when we do our purchasing. Nevertheless, easy life can sometimes cause us to be careless. Online purchasing has been made possible using the credit card. However, people are still not aware that it could be very dangerous. We have been warned countless times not to reveal our PIN numbers and passwords easily. We have also been advised to change our passwords regularly to avoid falling prey to these irresponsible parties. We should be aware that just at the click of the mouse; our savings would be wiped out in seconds if we are not careful.

Another common internet crime that we often read about would be the get rich quick schemes. As our country is improving in its economical sector, our society seems to see a decline in its moral values. People are getting greedier as everyone wants to get rich the fastest and easiest way. This is when we see people becoming victims of these get rich quick schemes. So often we read about victims being lured into revealing their banking account PIN numbers and passwords or merely banking huge amount of money into a stranger’s banking account so that they could ‘claim’ whatever that has been promised to be released from the authorities. Reading about these stories in the newspaper really angers me as by now we should know that there is no such thing as free lunch!

We also read a lot about stalkers and paedophiles who operated in the cyber world and often prey on young people. Teenagers should be educated on the dangers of posting photographs and videos of themselves online. What was meant to be a joke had turned out to be something more serious as private photographs and videos had been known to circulate around. Cyberstalking and sextortion have been linked to it. Users would face online threats once their identity has been known to the stalker. This is serious as we have so often read related stories of teenage suicides to cyberstalking. We should only share photographs, videos and information that we want to make public as there is a good chance that it will spread beyond our control.

In conclusion, internet crime is very serious and it is something that you and I should ponder about. Therefore, we should be aware of the negative effects that it could bring. Our government can help create awareness about internet crimes by doing roadshows and campaigns so that the public will not be too easily cheated by irresponsible scam artists.

Thank you Cheong, hope your students can benefit from our cooperative input. :) Happy penning you all!