Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Materialism essay

Hi all... exam week in school so everything is a bit quiet. I've just given a course on grammar at KK high school, got a MUET reading seminar this Fri, hv a second part of the KK high school seminar on MUET this 23rd, and then a reading and speaking seminar at Likas Tek n Voc school... busy busy bee... hehe

Anyway, here is the test question we used in my school this week. It was the question MPM used in 2008 if I'm not mistaken. Give it a go and email me your essays. I'll blog it if it's good enough. haha.. a good challenge eh?

"People are becoming more materialistic. They are concerned with making more money and what money can buy." What is your opinion on being materialistic? You should write at least 350 words.

Happy penning.. :)



  2. the exam is near. but i still do not understand the format for the examination.huhuuhu

  3. Hello... i would like to know how i cn improve my writing n my speaking??

  4. Hello..i found that your blog is so helpful and full with informations.
    as the MUET test is just around the corner,can you please explain / give some tips about this mid year MUET test ?
    i'm still blur about the format and for your information,my university does not offer MUET as university's subject and this test must be taken by there are none of intensive class or what so ever and we have to study by our own.please help me.thank you so much. :)

  5. Good afternoon, a new follower here. Can i call you as teacher? I taking this mid-year MUET test. I wish to submit the essay that i had wrote for above title but how can I send to you? By email to your gmail?


    rina.. i've already blogged abt the format. explore my blog pls. :P

  7. hi,i just want to express my feeling.. that i am very very very worried about writing test. i have left school since 2003. haha.. and now i will be going to sit for my muet test (for the 1st time) this saturday. if i am goin to write a letter or article or report.. i don't know what to do because i don't even know the format. and i don't know how to use all the bombastic words and my grammar is poor.. help me. and if you don't mind pls send me a few samples of writing questions. so that i can try it at home. thank you very much.