Monday, March 21, 2011

Another good example for the internet crimes essay.

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In this era where everything is just a click away, the advanced technology available has provided mankind with loads of convenience and the invention of internet access allows people to do various kinds of job sitting in front of the computer. In my opinion, I believe that the increasing cases of internet crime has brought about many disadvantages. In this essay, I will discuss two bad effects of internet crime which include loss of personal properties and disturbance in personal life as well as a prevention method which is to increase self-awareness and alertness in the society.

First and foremost, the victims will suffer from loss of personal properties such as a huge amount of money and some official data. This is because the personal information of the people who have been cheated such as bank account number is abused by the criminals. Moreover, the number of hackers who know well how to access to people's personal online account illegally is also on the rise. Take for example, many opportunist parties send emails to people telling them that they have won cash prizes and require their bank account number to bank in the money to their bank accounts but the criminals actually derive all the money from those bank accounts. Therefore, internet crime has caused people to lose their personal properties.

Next, internet crime threatens the personal life of the victims. This means that their personal security, safety and privacy are challenged. Furthermore, their family members probably will suffer from deep depression too. For instance, some irresponsible people spread rumours on the internet that will ruin the victim's reputation and some even post the personal details and inappropriate photos of the victim out of hatred or grudge for the victim and many more. Thus, the victims will experience an ordeal which people around will look down on them or make fun of them over a long period due to internet crime.
In order to prevent the internet crime from escalating, one should avoid giving others their email addresses and especially their account passwords. People should also sign up for trusted websites only. Besides that, the crime prevention department can collaborate with schools and government to teach people how to increase their online account protection such as Facebook account and to report as spam when they receive junk emails. All in all, all these strategies can help to lower the number of internet crime cases by increasing the self-awareness and alertness of the society.

In conclusion, the disadvantages of internet crime that I mentioned are loss of personal properties and disturbance of personal life while increasing the self-awareness and alertness of society is one of the preventions. I still agree that internet crime brings a lot of bad effects to people and the society. I hope that the government can impose stricter laws so that less people will become the victim of internet crime in the future.


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