Wednesday, March 2, 2011

INTERNET CRIMES SAMPLE ESSAY curtesy of Cheong Qween Ling

Thanks for submitting this sample essay. The red zones are added by me to bulk out the essay so that it follows an academic essay format. Every introduction must have a thesis statement or what I prefer to call an outline whereby the three points are listed. At the conclusion section, you should show critical thinking skills by adding a recommendation for the readers to consider, a proposal that is worth looking into.

Internet crime refers to any crime that involves a computer and a network. It is a criminal exploitation of the internet. As more people are being cheated by irresponsible parties using it as their scam tool, it is indeed a serious matter that we should look into. There are many aspects of internet crime but here I will touch on the three main examples, namely credit card fraud, get rich quick schemes and stalkers on the internet.

One of the most well known cyber crimes would be the credit card fraud. Credit cards are meant to make life easier for us as we would not need to carry cash when we do our purchasing. Nevertheless, easy life can sometimes cause us to be careless. Online purchasing has been made possible using the credit card. However, people are still not aware that it could be very dangerous. We have been warned countless times not to reveal our PIN numbers and passwords easily. We have also been advised to change our passwords regularly to avoid falling prey to these irresponsible parties. We should be aware that just at the click of the mouse; our savings would be wiped out in seconds if we are not careful.

Another common internet crime that we often read about would be the get rich quick schemes. As our country is improving in its economical sector, our society seems to see a decline in its moral values. People are getting greedier as everyone wants to get rich the fastest and easiest way. This is when we see people becoming victims of these get rich quick schemes. So often we read about victims being lured into revealing their banking account PIN numbers and passwords or merely banking huge amount of money into a stranger’s banking account so that they could ‘claim’ whatever that has been promised to be released from the authorities. Reading about these stories in the newspaper really angers me as by now we should know that there is no such thing as free lunch!

We also read a lot about stalkers and paedophiles who operated in the cyber world and often prey on young people. Teenagers should be educated on the dangers of posting photographs and videos of themselves online. What was meant to be a joke had turned out to be something more serious as private photographs and videos had been known to circulate around. Cyberstalking and sextortion have been linked to it. Users would face online threats once their identity has been known to the stalker. This is serious as we have so often read related stories of teenage suicides to cyberstalking. We should only share photographs, videos and information that we want to make public as there is a good chance that it will spread beyond our control.

In conclusion, internet crime is very serious and it is something that you and I should ponder about. Therefore, we should be aware of the negative effects that it could bring. Our government can help create awareness about internet crimes by doing roadshows and campaigns so that the public will not be too easily cheated by irresponsible scam artists.

Thank you Cheong, hope your students can benefit from our cooperative input. :) Happy penning you all!


  1. excuse me miss,
    can i write my comment in malay??
    (bolehkah 3 saja idea??,bukannya dsuruh 4 kah?)
    but,this essay is so good,i think i'll not be able write this kind of essay..

  2. 3 is enough if you elaborate it well. who said you need 4? i haven't heard anything about that. usually the minimum is 3 key points but you are welcome to write more.

  3. is this topic still available for MUET 2012?

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