Thursday, March 12, 2015

GRAMMARLY Challenge!

Recently the most awesome grammar specific people have contacted me @ muetmyway to collaborate with them. Ever heard of It's the world's best grammar checker and it's totally free. Really cool stuff to do with English grammar and peculiarities that make English so unique. You can look up their cool grammar checker by clicking on this word: Grammarly

Have a look at the data they sent me below:


The FIRST PERSON to write a short 50 WORD REPORT on the stimulus given by Grammarly above in the comment thread below will WIN A SPECIAL PRIZE SPONSORED BY GRAMMARLY!! 
When submitting your entry please include your full name, email and contact number so GRAMMARLY can contact you for your special prize! 

Sunday, March 8, 2015

MUET March 2015 Reading answers.

Finally got a copy. Will b uploading pics as answers so u can see d evidence. Feel free to dispute.


Okay, answers done. Up for debate. Please try to remember I am doing this for FREE and you shouldn't annoy me by demanding answers especially since my own students did not take this exam and I was hard pressed to find a copy of the questions. Remember that it is virtuous to be patient and I do not tolerate rudeness. Be thankful that someone bothers to discuss MUET answers with you and stop being selfish. I am officially annoyed by the emails I am getting 'forcing' and 'demanding' answers. If you can't say anything nice, just don't say anything at all - that's the golden rule!

Anyway, I will be blogging soon about the writing tasks. Even I didn't expect Q2 to be so tough but if you gave good examples like aviation tragedies, natural disasters including flood mitigation in Malaysia and mass massacres or terrorism including the ISIS agenda then you are on the right track. if you spoke about problems as opposed to 'tragedies' which are calamities that are on a much larger scale, then you may not have answered the question accurately. The trick is to tie in Part A with Part B of the question. Wait for my next blog, but this time, be patient!