Thursday, February 28, 2013

My latest tips of writing MUET level Thesis Statements

Many students and teachers ask me how they should arrange their academic essays. Previously I have stayed loyal to the 5 paragraph format (to help the bands 1-2 get bands 3 at least) but these days I would like to challenge students to practice higher critical thinking by expanding their essays... A lot of them/you do not know how to develop ideas which include writing a good these statement and developing points. So here is my 'Every MUET Learner's Guide to Thesis Statements'.


3rd MUET Seminar at University Tun Hussien Onn, Batu Pahat Johor 23/2/13

 I'm very grateful for the opportunity to conduct an 8-hour intensive MUET course at UTHM, BP, Johor for the 3rd consecutive year... I'm just happy that my words are meaningful and have the power to help shape a students' life, that he or she may go on to graduate with flying colours and carve a place for themselves in society. Tq to CARE (UTHM alumni) for calling me again and again and providing me the best services... the room as you can see above is really nice... hehe... De Mendez Homestay.
 I lost count of how many times I ate in one day... I think it was eight times... hehe.. from breakfast of nasi lemak.. to a heavy lunch of among others, asam ikan to mee racun (poison noodles!!!) and even supper of Burger Bakar.. yummers!
 My biggest group ever! 105 participants.. I'm sorry I didn't have time to get to know everyone personally but I will definitely put you all in my prayers!
 Haha... what a culture shock this dish is!!!
 My buddy Uzma sucking out the bone marrow with a straw!!! Freaky!!!!
 Here's me putting my 'expensive' signature on the certs... in total after three years I have signed close to 250 certs... so these are the lives that I have touched in my small way...
 Ok.. here's otak-otak... but its texture is weird.. like fishcake.. and the red colour is too drastic.. hehe...
 Oooops... how do I make this pic upright? Hmmm.. this tukang masak is very proud of his creations! Well done!
 My Valentine's burger bakar.. hehe
It's great to see everyone speaking in English... makes me glad to have chosen my profession... hope that whatever I shared will not go to waste.. and that like Miley Cyrus' message.... 'It's the climbbbbb...' so you should put all your effort into climbing higher and higher regardless of whether u reach the peak or not. :)

My next MUET seminar is at SMK Lohan, Ranau, Sabah on 9th March... so will update pics on that later.

Also another good news is that I've been approached by a website called 'HotCourses' and they have asked me to write a short article on my tips for MUET READING paper... I will upload here soon so everyone can reflect on my top tips.

Right, now that my internet connection is back, you can expect more posts soon. Stay tuned!