Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sample MUET Report Writing Q1 800/4

Here are just 2 samples of different bands answers for an actual MUET report writing question. I don't claim to know the perfect answer because English is so diverse, but suffice to say a better command of vocabulary and sentence structures will garner higher marks.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

MUET WRITING TIPS 800/4 - Writing Effective Conclusions

Hi all, basically I have spent a lot of time and energy explaining about
1. Grammar
2. Organisation and Essay Template
3. Thesis Statements and Topic Sentences/Effective Introductions including 'Hooks'
4. Part A & Part B of each question
5. How to Avoid Making Generalisations Document 1 & Document 2
6. Sample Essays
(Click each link above to find these posts in my archive or trawl my archive to find more samples)

Today, I would like to show you how to make a really effective conclusion. Again, this is a regular academic essay which is recommended by many sources and is wholly my idea and not from MPM. It is a good and systematic guide especially for the low bands to push for higher results.

Right, let’s get down to business.

As far as format goes, there is no hard and fast rule. But the rule of thumb is it must have 3 parts to it.
Part 1: Repeat the thesis statement (A high band will be able to rephrase the thesis statement in a refreshing way)
Part 2: Repeat your stand (I still completely believe that... )
Part 3: Provide a recommendation (This will leave the reader/examiner with a sweet aftertaste if you finish with finesse!)

Based on the format above, anyone can write a convincing concluding statement. Below are some written by my own 6A4 students of SMK Majakir, 2015.
(Note that you can mix and match, change the format and the wordings a bit to suit your own style as I have mentioned earlier, there are no hard and fast rules)

The government through the Ministry of Health should implement an effective campaign to solve the smoking problem in Malaysia by increasing the tax for all cigarettes and increasing the punishment for illegal smuggling of cigarettes in our country.

The relevant parties such as Telekom should spearhead a strategic blueprint to overcome this problem of poor internet connection by reducing the fees for broadband and providing free internet broadband for all students in Malaysia.

The NGOs such as Women’s Organisation should carry out a reliable strategy to solve the issue related to social ills among girls by providing an emergency hotline to discuss problems and providing temporary shelter for abused girls.

The authorities such as the Police Department should put into action a strategic action plan to solve the gangsterism problem by carrying out a special task force and by collaborating with Interpol.

The government through the Ministry of Trade and Commerce should implement a comprehensive blueprint to provide a solution for this issue by emphasising on price control and removing the Goods and Services Tax (GST).

The relevant parties such as the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) should spearhead a strategic action plan to overcome this problem by providing subsidies to companies that export Malaysian products overseas and organising nationwide buy local products campaigns.

The government through the Ministry of Education should carry out a comprehensive strategy to overcome unemployment among the graduates by hiring better quality teachers and lecturers and providing free English language tuition for graduates who are weak in English.

The government through the Ministry of Youth and Sports should spearhead a foolproof blueprint to provide a solution for the lack of Olympic gold medals by giving intensive training and incentives for the athletes and importing professional coaches to improve the quality of our national teams.

The government though the Ministry of Environment should organise an effective action plan to overcome the issue of environmental pollution by organising more campaigns like zero-plastic bags and increasing the awareness through various community programs like 3R – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

The relevant parties such as the district councils should organise an effective action plan to solve the problem of vandalism in society by setting up CCTVs in public places and imposing stricter and heavier penalty for those who commit vandalism of public property.

The government though the Ministry of Education should implement a comprehensive campaign to increase students’ interest and motivation to enter higher education by providing better university facilities and conducting career and job opportunities roadshows all over the country.

The authorities such as the Police Department should implement a strategic action plan to solve the issue of pirated media including pirated movie and music DVDs by tightening the laws against piracy and conducting impromptu raids especially in night markets.

The relevant parties should carry out an effective gameplan to overcome the poor quality of Malaysian movies by providing training for directors and producers and granting subsidies to local companies that want to invest in producing more local movies with better quality.

A final note, I am proud of my students. They might be in rural/suburban conditions, the last of 4 classes, but if you believe in them - give them a chance coupled with the right guidance - everyone can write. 
Let's hope the 1st August MUET paper happening soon will be good to them. 
Let's pray I have done enough to help them and all my blog followers.