Wednesday, June 18, 2014

MUET Speaking 800/2 2014 compilation of questions

Hey people... stressed that your speaking is over? Or stressed that you haven't sat for it yet? Haha.. it is a natural phenomenon to feel this way. Personally though, there are people like me who thrive on exams and tests so we can constantly push our boundaries and widen our horizons!

Anyway, here is a work in progress topics for speaking mid year 2014.

Session 1
Scholarship advertisements list selection criteria wanted by sponsors. Discuss one criterion. 
Task A:
Candidate A: Candidates must have excellent academic results
Candidate B: Candidates must be selected for programmes required by sponsors
Candidate C: Candidates must be all-rounders
Candidate D: Candidates must perform well in the interview
Task B: 
Discuss which of the following is the most important criterion for awarding scholarships. 

Session 2
Task A:
In life, people face many challenges. Discuss one of the challenges. 
Candidate A: Preparing for final exams
Candidate B: Handling a death in the family
Candidate C: Deciding on a career
Candidate D: Learning to be independent
Task B: 
Discuss which of the following is the greatest challenge in life. 

Session 3
Task A:
In the rural areas, local coffee shops are still popular. Discuss the reason for their popularity. 
Candidate A: People can easily catch up with local news
Candidate B: The prices of food are affordable
Candidate C: The food suit local tastes
Candidate D: A relaxed and friendly atmosphere
Task B: 
Discuss which of the following is the main reason for the popularity of local coffee shops. 

Session 4
Task A: 
Your friend is going to stay away from home for the first time in a college hostel. Suggest how he can cope with hostel life. 
Candidate A: He should obey the hostel rules
Candidate B: He should take part in hostel activities
Candidate C: He should make friends with others staying at the hostel
Candidate D: He should learn to be independent
Task B: 
Discuss which of the following is the best way to cope with hostel life. 

Session 5
Task A:
If you were a parent, what would you want your children to have? 
Candidate A: A good education
Candidate B: A love for reading
Candidate C: A kind heart
Candidate D: A healthy lifestyle
Task B:
Discuss which of the following is the most important aspect for your children to have. 

Session 6
Task A: 
There is a new town council in your area. Offer some suggestions for improvement to be carried out in your area. 
Candidate A: You suggest better maintenance of roads
Candidate B: You suggest improving the welfare of senior citizens
Candidate C: You suggest better public facilities
Candidate D: You suggest improving security
Task B: 
Discuss which of the following is the best improvement to be carried out. 

Session 7
Task A:
There are many memorable moments in life. Offer some examples of memorable moments. 
Candidate A: First day at school. 
Candidate B: A birthday party
Candidate C: A trip to a special place
Candidate D: Meeting a special person
Task B: 
Discuss which of the following is the most memorable moment in life. 

Session 8
Task A:
Children should show their appreciation towards their parents. What is the best way for them to do so?
Candidate A: Send them on holidays
Candidate B: Help them to do household chores
Candidate C: Buy them valuable gifts

Candidate D: Spend quality time with them
Task B: 
Discuss which of the following is the best way for children to show appreciation towards their parents.

(My students sat for days 1 & 2 of the MUET speaking.. not sure if I can get any info about the rest of the sessions... wait n see k!  Ok I added a few more but they are probably not in order according to the sessions but it is still interesting to know which topics came out. for those who email or write to me asking me to spot questions for them, I'm sorry I dont have a crystal ball that can predict spot questions. You are better off practising writing and learning the format than spotting elusive questions that cannot pinpointed due to the sheer vastness of possibilities.. moral of the story.. STOP asking me to spot questions!!!! Read my archive!!)