Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My personal spin on teaching MUET... ;-)

Hi guys.. if you've hit upon this new blog of mine, it's because u care abt our profession and our specialist skills in teaching the Malaysian University Entrance Test English Language requirement for public universities of Malaysia... ;-) good on you! *pats your back!

Anyway, this site is not supposed to be heavy n boring.. but meant to inspire.. if i can give u a few tips and pointers, maybe show u a new spin on doing something you already know, then i would consider this effort a success. I read somewhere that 'we only take to the grave that which we have given away" and this has always inspired me to be kinder to others and to share: be it my mortal possessions or more importantly, knowledge. So here is what i hope to be a treasure trove of new (and old!) teaching styles and strategies for you to adapt and adopt.. in fact, pls adopt it if you think it's suitable of other language classes, not necessarily MUET.

All comments are welcome... hope i get at least a few active readers over the years to come so that everything i do on a daily (and probably mundane basis) does not disappear into the transient nothingness!!! Happy teaching guys! Lots of huggies all round!


P/S: figured out the formula yet? It means Life Long Learning equates to Infinite Knowledge. Ha ha! I'll tell u abt my grammar formulas one day soon.


  1. wahaahha...sorry to laugh but nice idea though... I'm too tired to blog these days...sigh!!! but xoxox

  2. hey, where are you giving this presentation? looks like some place in engrand?! wah, your engrand so powderful go all ways to engrand samoa?

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