Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Latest on MUET marking scheme

Well, well, well.. we never cease to learn.. today I was conducting a course for district level trainers in KK for MUET.. and I learnt so many new things... so just a short note here to clear the air...

Apparently, for report writing (question 1 in the writing paper), they don't use the terms 'overview' and 'controlling idea' anymore.. the concept and content is the same but now overview is called introduction and controlling idea is the overview. confusing but i suppose this is slightly easier to understand rather than the term controlling idea. :)

Also, I found out that contrary to what they told us the last time I went for a course, it would seem that you CAN'T write MORE THAN 200 words for Q1. Examiners have been given strict instructions to ignore every word written after that... Yikes! Now I have to review and modify all my samples for Q1 in order to conform to this new ruling. Ah well, at least I know now. Thanks Suzie for the juicy info.

I've also gotten confirmation that every single error in grammar, spelling, vocabulary and what not is deducted in the listening paper.. and examiners don't even award half marks, therefore it's either 1 mark or 0.

Anyway, tomorrow is the second part to this 2 day course. I'll upload some pics later. Have a nice week everyone!


  1. yap, i just read a sample of your sample answer for question 1, and you said that the essay can be more than 200 words long.Luckily I just so happened visit this blog again and you mention earlier. And thanks

  2. no prob. i will try to find the time to revise all the sample answers in accordance with the latest marking scheme by MPM. just hv to keep to the exact word limit. 201 and above they do not even bother to read anymore. keep posted ok. :)

  3. hi Audrey.. Can u provide me with the latest marking scheme for 800/4.. I dont have a clue... Ive been teaching Muet for 2 years and still groping when it comes to marking my students' answers.

  4. how to achive band 4 in muet? im so torn out -.-"

  5. read every entry in this blog and follow all my advice. hehe.. n try to write essays like the samples i have provided. good luck tyrah. and the right phrase is 'torn apart' to mean what u mean.. torn out is like a page being torn out of the book.

  6. hii,Audrey..nice to meet u..^^
    i love ur blog so much
    Got any tips for coming muet candidates?
    Any suggestion for coming muet speaking?
    May i know which topic need to focus?

  7. speaking is very hard to spot the questions... just gotta memorise all the phrases and use them..go the the archive n look for the speaking tips. :) good luck in your test next week! hehe

  8. thank you so much for making my essay, kindly and generously audrey, ~jackie~

  9. help me out in listening skills. how should i train myself for the listening skill test? any tips and exercises? thanks

  10. Hai,
    this is roughly the marking scheme for listening test. Hope it helps.

    Making scheme for Listening

    1. Write your answer in NOT MORE THAN THREE/FIVE WORDS.
    * exceeding 3 words- wrong, even though the answer is perfectly correct [ 0 mark]

    2. spelling :

    Single letter word

    fish------fis (correct) [full mark]

    Shorts (clothing)…….short (physical characteristic)= meaning changes [ 0 mark]

    3. Tenses:

    • meaning changes- [0 mark]
    • plural/singular [0 mark]

    4. can we award ½ mark?


  11. amee joan.. well done. are u an examiner? cool. please feel free to email me if you would like to guest blog on my page. :P much appreciated. :P

  12. I have done my muet test for the march paper.. and i'm so nervous about my speaking test because i think i ruined it.. hurm.. i target to get band 4 actually and erm... i wonder if i can achieve it just because i fail in speaking test??

  13. hey Teacher Audrey ! i did get my band 4 for my MUET ! thanks for your thousand super useful tips here ! :D

  14. Instead of line graph, i wrote linear graph. How much marks will be deducted for the report?