Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Grammar Test Answers

Hi.. if you've taken the grammar test in a previous post, here are the answers. if you haven't tried it, attempt them first before u check the answers. :) don't cheat yourself!


If you want to know how to improve your grammar.. read, understand and apply the rules. I've written abt grammar rules 3 blog entries ago. pls check.

again... good luck everyone, two days and counting!


  1. are u have the answer for end 2010 MUET answer for paper 3 reading??

  2. yes, can u provide us with the answer?
    I need it desperately..

    I have a question need to ask about the listening part, will it deduct my mark if i write six words for the answer which is stated for not more than five words

    This is my email:
    You can contact me through my email as well.

    thank you.

  3. May i know if you have the answer for the reading test?
    Can you upload it?
    Thank you.

  4. hi there any possible chance to get minimum band 4 if i didn't complete my question 2-writing?
    i really hope i scored well in the reading test if that could help balance up the overall marks again in case the writing part really sucks.

    could you please upload the answers for the reading test if you have it? thanks

  5. if u score really high in reading then still possible.. but it's a slim chance. unfinished essay means max band 2... band 3 if it is outstanding. that's my opinion, not MPM's so anything can happen still... :) keep the faith

  6. even if the summary part was written quite well,will that help increase my writing marks?

    for your information, in the essay part, i only managed to complete the intro paragraph and another two points(each point in one paragraph) with complete elaborations+examples.
    maybe lack of more additional points and the worst thing, i didn't complete the essay.
    god i'm so worried about this.luck wasn't by my side. =(

  7. hi teacher. may i have your email? or maybe you can just contact me through I really need your help, please. I'll tell you why later.

  8. Good morning..thank u for sharing an interesting tips on learning MUET, I'm glad found this website of you. Can I have your email?

  9. thanks for the information,you've help me alot (^_^)

  10. i got 8/10. i got confused with the 'sung' and 'sing' :\ anyway, can you post a writing for question 1. i know you already did, but they had two different charts/graphs in one question. can you post a writing question 1 with only one chart/graph? thanks in advance :)