Tuesday, September 25, 2012

July 2012 MUET Writing 800/4 : What went wrong and how to solve it


Ok.. I've gotten a lot of feedback abt the July 2012 MUET results and basically the results are dire. That means that the entire country did badly this time round because the answers were not accurate enough according to MPM's requirement.

Here's a lowdown from my discussion with various people.

For Q1:
Apparently, you can only talk about the 2010 data in the first stimulus because the second stimulus has only 2010 data... therefore, if you include the other info then it would mean that your report content is irrelevant. You must also LINK both stimuli and show the correspondence between the data without giving your own assumptions.

Any examiners out there to verify this?

For Q2:
Most students ended up telling grandfather tales about the BENEFITS co-curricular activities rather than talking about their opinion (agree? disagree?) about CO-CURRICULUM PARTICIPATION AS AN ENTRY REQUIREMENT FOR UNIVERSITIES. Therefore they have skewed way off the main road... and into the ditch and sewer.

Would anyone like to write a sample essay and email to me so I can show everyone what a good essay looks like?

Anyway... if you would like to try, here is another essay topic.... even if you dont write the essay.. think about the 3 key issues...

Young people should be encouraged to join community service. Discuss.

Think very carefully abt the points so that you do not veer out of context. List down the 3 aspects by leaving a comment and i will tell you if you're on the right path or falling off the cliff. :P


If you write about the general benefits of community service you are not answering the question. Zoom in on the word 'YOUNG' and it will become clearer. Give at least 3 reasons why the young people should be the one who takes part in community service.

Your answers should discuss at least 3 of the following:
1. youngsters are physically more energetic, healthy and can achieve more when involved in com service such as planting mangrove trees in protected wetlands etc.
2. young people have fresher and more invigorating ideas to do community service in an effective way, e.g. go green campaigns using ICT/twitter etc. to spread info and gather supporters
3. youths can use the experience to polish skills and for character building. Community service instils good time management, punctuality, softskills, proactiveness etc.
4. the younger generation in general has less burdens and responsibilities like family, career, debts etc. so they can take more active roles in community service including doing overseas volunteerism with MERCY Malaysia.. etc.
5. the young today are the future leaders of Malaysia so taking lead roles in community service like donation drives, running charity bazaars and dinners will give them priceless leadership experiences.

To pass the writing paper with flying colours you need to think above and beyond the norm. You have to show critical thinking skills and give valid and concrete examples to prove your point. Zoom in on the keyword in the question in order to achieve a high band....




  1. -get a better social circle as well as social skills
    -gain some working skills/ experience
    -invigorate national unity

    1. sorry u hv not answered the question. the focus is on the word 'young'.... why should the YOUNG ppl take part in com service?

  2. - to be more civilized
    - to be an example for the younger generations
    - To occupied our free time with benificial work(community service)

    1. response does not specifically explain y it should be the young who join compared to the older generation..

  3. hello...please tell me the latest format for essay Q1.
    it has 3 paragraph or 4?

    1. Q1 minimum 3 paragraphs.. intro two sentences, body paragraph can be 1 or more, concluding para is only one sentence to summarise

  4. advantage
    -suitable for 1Malaysia concept.
    -once get into community service, tend to help and take care of parents in the future.

    1. y only 2 points?

      not enough info and support...
      doesnt prove y it should be the young people rather than the older ones.

  5. cause some of the points that i want to mention was stated above. so i just giving out other ideas. :D

  6. hello audrey ?
    may i ask ? for Q2 , how many paragraph ?

  7. should hv 5 minimum... 1 intro, 3 body paragraphs and one conclusion. but a good writer can elaborate more than 5... and can score a high band provided that language is grammatically accurate and has a certain natural 'flair' besides having lucid ideas.

  8. This is my response to what you said. Question 1 asked for a report on school enrolment. So a satisfactory response should include analysis on school enrolment. The students can discuss school enrolment in the regions over the periods of 2006, 2008 and 2010. However when they link the two visuals, they obviously cannot link the 2006 and 2008 data because that is not relevant. Only 2010 data in the table is relevant to the second visual.

  9. may I know whether comparison is allowed for argumentative essay?

  10. seriously you can help me to check my writing ? im taking muet this year. 2 weeks from now