Monday, February 22, 2016

MUET Speaking March 2016

I see that many have msged or emailed me privately asking for SPOT QUESTIONS. Let me settle this once and for all.... THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS SPOT QUESTIONS FOR MUET... cos the ocean is too wide and it's like finding a needle in the mother of all haystacks.

Basically just read up on my various speaking tips in my archive.. there are also many sample scripts... read up and practice cos as we all know, practice makes perfect. Duh!

Tq to V Dinesh for sending me the question he got for his speaking exam:

What is the most important habit a student must have in their studies?
A. Be punctual
B. Be hardworking
C. Be careful
D. Be motivated
Task B: Which is the most important habit?

Others I have managed to take note of:

Some students face homesickness when they stay far away from their families. How can they deal with being homesick?
A: Make new friends
B: Keep busy
C: Travel
D: Keep in touch with family
Task B: Which is the best way to deal with homesickness?

We should learn to control our anger. What are the benefits of controlling our anger?
A: To maintain a good relationship with others.
B: To think rationally.
C: To become successful.
D: To improve mental and physical health.
Task B: What is the best way to control our anger?

Students should cultivate good habits in order to perform well in studies.
A: Be punctual
B: Be hardworking
C: Be careful
D: Be motivated
Task B: Which is the best way to cultivate good habits among students to perform well in studies?

What are the factors to ensure someone's success at work?
A: Strong family support
B: Good education
C: Making the right choice of career
D: Choosing the right role model

If anyone cares to type out the question they got in the comment below I will update the list here. Cheers and good luck ya'all! 


  1. Thank you teacher! But I have a question, all the test centres will be given the same question at the same day?

  2. Teacher... do you have any spot question for speaking test?

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  4. teacher is it possible to get marks as high as 270+ for muet?

    1. a friend from kuching got 273 on her first try

  5. Hi Ms Wiles, i would like to use this opportunity to thank you for writing such an amazing and great blog here.Here is the speaking question for 25/2/2016
    "what is most urgently needed by flood victims" and water
    2. tents and blanket
    3. clothes and shoes
    4. toiletries and medicine

  6. the question will be different in different day??

  7. you have any spot question for speaking test??? :)

  8. 1/3/16 SPEAKING TEST
    I GOT:
    What is the best reason for the increasing popularity of social networking?
    a) Instant access for information
    b) Stay connected with people all the time
    c) It provides variety of entertainment
    d) Facilitates buying and selling online

  9. 1 MARCH 2016
    The best present for a friend who about to graduate :
    A) cash
    B) laptop
    C) smartphone
    D) holiday package

  10. I just finished my MUET at 2nd of march 2016
    Why people from oversea comeback to malaysia:
    A food
    B family and friend
    C cost of living
    D social and culture haritage

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  13. Best graduation present for your friend (1/3/2016)
    -holiday package

  14. 2nd mac
    people love to watching television for variaous reason.
    a)relationship with family and friends
    b)cheap from other entertainment
    c)more comfort at home
    d)gain many experience

  15. Hi Teacher do you have any spot question for Writing test tomorrow ?

  16. People often wasting time at a bus terminal. Suggest interesting ways to avoid it
    1) watching tv
    2) read
    3) making new friends
    4) looking at the shop

    29 FEB 2016

  17. can I have the answer for muet reading march 2016 ?

  18. Yes me too need it

  19. Ya, I want that too cause the questions quite tough. Reading is my one and only chance in order for me to get a higher band. Hope to get the answer for reading ASAP cause I wanna stop worrying...

  20. Send me through email, - Reading Muet March 2016 answer

  21. Hi Ms Audrey, I have emailed you MUET March 2016 reading paper. Please check mail. Thanks!

  22. Anyone who get d answer 4 reading please do share it here. Tq

  23. Muet reading for march 2016 session is truely tough. Hope tge answer soon..

  24. This is my listening answer. Just for share here. Feel free to argue or discuss.

    1. Encourage football teams
    2. All boys
    3. In America in 1877
    4. Their own songs and cheers
    5. Mega phone and voice
    6. Gymnastic and dances to entertaint
    7. C(Complex and dangerous)
    8. C(Cautious)
    9. B(Education)
    10. A(Anthropology)
    11. C (General management skills)
    12. C
    13. B (Assertive)
    14. A (Open relationship)
    15. Heart disease and diabetes
    16. Too oily and too sweet
    17. Destructuring the organisation
    18. Tyre manufacturing industry
    19. Planning holiday
    20. His happiness after holiday

    1. I think no 17 is restructuring the organisation.
      18. Risk losing their job

    2. The question is about financial problem of the company. So in order to reduce the cost, i think destructuring the organisation. It most probably means to reduce the number of staff.

      For no 18, before the blank, there is a word 'and'. That means two different items.

      thnx for the opening argument ☺

    3. I want to ask. If my answer got 1 alphabet mistake still correct? Exp: songs, i put only song. No 's'~ still correct?

    4. If i'm not mistaken, since it does not change the meaning, it will be accepted.

    5. Ok. Thank you

  25. What do you guys think about the March writing paper?

    1. Writing this time is quite ambiguous. It brings two possible meaning which are 'the participation in competition can make us healthy' and the healthy competition which means the clean competition. This is just a mere my view.

    2. Kalau sya tulis benefict of competition.. sya tdk kn dpt mrkh kh?

    3. It sounds a bit out of topic.. its about how can we say that through a competition we can learn and acquire something(more to moral value i think).

    4. mean that i get 0 for essay writing...??

    5. Its uncertainty.. u might get just lower marks but not zero since u have wrote two complete essays.

    6. The question is quiet 'generalise' which means the 'competition' should include our whole life and give what impacts of these 'competitions' in our life. The most important thing is the THESIS sentence you wrote and your opinion which is agree, disagree or neutral stand. (my view only)

  26. Reading answer please....

  27. This is my reading answer. Just want to share with all the brilliant candidates especially those who are seem high potentially to score a band 5 or 6 in muet. Feel free to argue or comment.

    1. A
    2. B
    3. C
    4. C
    5. B
    6. C
    7. B
    8. B
    9. C
    10. C
    11. B
    12. C
    13. C
    14. C
    15. C
    16. C
    17. B
    18. A
    19. B
    20. B
    21. B
    22. A
    23. C
    24. B
    25. C
    26. B
    27. B
    28. B
    29. C
    30. C
    31. D
    32. B
    33. D
    34. C
    35. A
    36. C
    37. C
    38. C
    39. D
    40. D
    41. C
    42. D
    43. C
    44. A
    45. A

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    2. Are all the answers correct or not?

    3. Definitely not.. coz this is just my answer. Feel free to compare and argue.

  28. Send me through email, - Reading Muet March 2016 answer

  29. Reading answer please. I worried because I have many careless while reading.

    1. can we compare our reading answer?

    2. U state your answer first.

  30. hoping for band 4 =)

  31. Dear teacher audrey, reading answer pls...

  32. Answer pls teacher

  33. i need estimate my band so that i can considerate retake or not on july

  34. i want answer so badly. pls do me a favour teacher

  35. Can I have reading answer

  36. Anyone have reading answer? please share

  37. Hi... can send reading answer to my email...
    Thank you very much

  38. This blog had silent already. No such before.

  39. can i have reading answer?

  40. Really hope for band 4..

  41. Here is my speaking question for 25/2/2016: which is the most important quality of a good friend
    a. can accept who you are
    b. generous
    c. good listener
    d. offer help anytime anywhere

  42. Hello teacher. Do we have to speak formally during the speaking test and does funny points contributes high mark bcs the situation is making the examiner happy - is this really relevant?

  43. MUET is an academic test therefore it is formal. However if the joke is relevant to the task, it is acceptable.

  44. hi...can anyone please give me speaking questions for july 2016...ASAP....THANK YOU.

  45. Hey , anyone can give me hint of muet speaking test ?

  46. Hey , anyone can give me hint of muet speaking test ?

  47. heyya muet tomorrow? hehe even of luck

  48. Hai teacher... im sitting for speaking exam on this february.. can I have any tips for speaking...? please I need your help..

  49. can I have the answer for muet reading march 2016 ?

  50. can I have the answer for muet speaking march 2016 ?

  51. you have any spot question for speaking test??? :)

  52. I'm having speaking test tomorrow omg..

    1. Hi can you share your speaking topic with me?

  53. Dear teacher do you have any spotted question for February 2017 muet speaking test ??

    1. Teacher my speaking test is tomorrow...

    2. Hi can you share your speaking topic with me?

  54. sape2 tolong update soalan muet speaking march 2017...

  55. okki oppai daisuki desu

  56. March session 2017
    How to make Najib resign.
    A: Sue
    B: C4
    C: Kill with a sniper
    D: Black magic