Monday, May 23, 2016

MUET Seminars & Workshops 2016

So this year has been extra exciting for me because more opportunities have come a-knocking at my humble door. I am not quite sure how I fell into this but over the years, with numerous opportunity to practice, I have managed to share what little I know with students and teachers from all over Malaysia either virtually thru this blog or in real time when kind people invite me to their institutions. I don't claim to know everything, for I am just a regular teacher, but I think there is no harm to share ideas and tips with kids so they have a better chance for the exam.

The year kicked off with a motivational session in my own school where I invited Mdm Naimah Derin to pep-talk them and then I did a Goal-Setting slot.

This was followed by a session in Politeknik, KK. I always feel welcomed here with the wonderful English Language Dept.

Then were various other schools including SMK Tandek, which took me a solid 3 hrs drive each way.

SMK Benoni nearby..

SMK Abdul Rahim, Kudat where I was invited by Mr. Amar Singh... This one took 4 hrs + each way.. a bit taxing... but worth it when the kids responded so enthusiastically.

Next up was 160 pax Kimanis Power hosted MUET talk for the whole of the Papar District. A great session as all 9the students were gathered in the hall all at once so no need for me to go from school to school.

Just recently I flew quite a distance and had the lovely opportunity to help Alor Star, Kedah students from 10 schools in the area hosted by SMK Hutan Kampung.. the hospitality from their MUET panel esp Mr. Aminudin, Mr Ku Abd Jalil and Mr Kamal and the rest was outstanding. Loved the food esp ikan keli sambal and pulut durian n mangga... ooolala.

Good luck to all candidates this year... July exam is around the corner, practice makes perfect so please work hard, study smart and try your very best! Make the 'impossible' into 'I'm Possible!'


  1. Hi Audrey. I have been following your blog for quite some time now. And boy, how you always make my day, sharing those fantastic ideas and all. I would like to know if you can come here to KL to conduct a workshop for my MUET students? I really hope that you would consider doing so. Do let me know ya.

  2. Help... I'm Daniel Pre-U student from SMK Taun Gusi Kota Belud Sabah... Can u share how to make a good introduction?

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