Monday, April 3, 2017

Personal MUET Online Tutor by

Because of the demand and limited hours in a day, I have decided to accept online tutoring as one of the methods that my blog and I can help MUET candidates regardless of where you may be and what level of proficiency you have.

If you feel you need private tutoring from me, please feel free to email me at

For a nominal fee of RM30, you will get:

* latest MUET materials (handouts and powerpoints which I use for my talks)
* grammar improvement exercises including common errors
* up to 3 essays and 3 reports personally graded with feedback
* personal watsapp discussion

I am unable to mark all the essays that are sent to my email especially during exam crunch time, so please forgive me if you feel that you have been ignored. To move you straight to the top of my to-do-list, contact me by email and I will send you details. The only thing stopping you then is your own commitment and sense of urgency. Hopefully, with my help you will be able to score your desired Band or higher. Cheers!


  1. I would like to join the private tutoring. How could I pay you the fees of RM 30. I am a MUET teacher and I love to have your guidance in ensuring that my students' difficulties are being answered. Thank you in advance.

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  3. Dear Ms. Audrey, you have been my only source of information and guidance throughout my taking of the MUET March 2017 paper. I just found out today that I got a Band 6 and I thank you with all my heart for all of the help you've provided me as well as thousands of other students out there, both knowingly and unknowingly. I hope you will continue your kind work of assisting us students with our English. Thank you, Ms.Audrey.

    1. Dear Sarves Kumar... not sure why u changed to anon... but congrats. You hv just successfully validated all my effort n years of updating my blog. I'm so glad that I have not given up writing n sharing here as it has, as u said, helped so many, knowingly or unknowingly.. kudos on being the top 0.001 percent in the exam.

  4. hi miss audrey! i am currently new in your blog and very interested to follow up all your guidances as i am a private candidate and dont have any tutor. basically, all your posts are really easy for me to understand and surely it is a great guide for me to answer my muet paper that i'll be taking very soon in july! here, i wanna ask can i let you mark my essay that ive been wrote and rate my band? ☹

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  6. Hi. I'm just want to ask smthg. you are teaching at Sek Men Keb Hutan Kampung right? is that in Kedah

  7. Can u give us answer for muet reading november as well.. ?😆😆

  8. Hi. Miss audrey.. Can i get answer for muet reading for november 2017 as well? ����

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