Wednesday, August 23, 2017

MUET Telegram Support Group

Hi.. it has just dawned on me that there are so many teachers thrown into the deep end, teaching MUET in the dark and feeling helplessly alone. I'm glad I started this blog, not because I know everything (which I don't!) but because I learn like you - learning more and more with the years of experience and sharing from friends and markers. If you compare my 2009 posts to my posts now.. you will see too how much I have grown.

Anyway, I would like to help all MUET teachers stay connected on our Telegram group.. you can feel free to raise questions and share suggested lesson plans/materials there. Please email me at with your full name, handphone number, your designation and address of your current school/institution. We would like to keep it professional based, so students are respectfully not allowed to join but teachers/lecturers are more than welcome.

Teachers who would like personal tutoring from me can also email me for help. As my time is precious, please prepare to be committed to the session once it starts. Hopefully, I can help shed some light on better teaching techniques.

Anyway, happy plodding!
(Poem below is inspired by Anis, UM Kelantan)

The Trek

No one said it would be easy.
The path is long,
winding and meandering
studded with jagged stones
laced with thorny weeds
potholes of fathomless pits
sleek mud slippery and sludgy
the incline steep and merciless
the decline harsh on knees
the impact, piercingly painful
and the ways of the hills
erratic, unforgiving.
No one said the trek
would be easy.
Easy is for cowards.
The brave
plow on
trudge on
plod on
hold on
fight on
as we gingerly pick through
the clear patches
making each step count
and steps turn into miles
and miles into a breathtaking journey
the refreshing breeze in our hair
whispering hope into our ears
as we the brave
plow on
trudge on
plod on
hold on
and fight on,
sweat and dirt cake our leathered skin
rain showers misty droplets or
thunderous hailstorms
cleansing the lenses
unveiling a better path forward
sweeping debris away
casting obstacles aside
charting a straighter route
and God willing
we Will
reach our final destination as
after darkness comes dawn
the peak, a celebration
of sunrise
as a beacon so bright
greets us on
the horizon of hope
if only we
plow on
trudge on
plod on
hold on
and fight on.
Never surrender.
This trek.
No one said it would be easy.



  1. I really like your ideas teacher who not just help students to know better about English especially MUET but also help other teacher to share their opinion.. May you always be bless by HIM :)

  2. Thank you so much Audrey. I have been following your blog and it is really inspiring. I never felt alone when im in your blog.

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