Saturday, June 12, 2010

MUET Speaking topics for mid year 2010

Just for your info, I'm having a black month... haha.. that means that i'm super annoyed with my other half for literally destroying my laptop and all the info that's in it. Some of you have asked for my power points from my previous lectures but I'm not sure if i still hv them. Will look around and check when I get my hands on a new laptop hopefully soon.

Anyway, i've been asked about the listening and speaking questions that came out in the recent MUET exams. I don't hv access to the listening transcript or the questions so I can't help there... but if you do remember the speaking topic given to you, write it in the comment here and i'll devise the best 3 points that befits a Band 6 answer. ;-)

As for when the results will be out, i'm not sure exactly but the results should be announced in the first two weeks of July if i'm not mistaken. Fingers crossed for all you guys out there. ;-) Remember to let me know your results by leaving a comment here ok.

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