Saturday, July 10, 2010

Results are out!

Why have I only heard from a few about their results? hmmmm... this is not a good sign. I'd like to know how you guys did.. do email me at if you'd like a more private discussion.

Personally I love exams.. the flow of adrenaline, the excitement of competing against others and more importantly, raising your own standards. So my opinion of abolishing UPSR and PMR? Well, I am sure you can guess that I am dead against it. We need some form of benchmarking and sense of rivalry, stress is good, it challenges us to rise above ourselves. ;-) In the same breath, I've come to know that OUM has made a pass in MUET NON-COMPULSORY. Sighs... this is really disheartening as I can imagine that the real reason behind this is that it has a whole lot to do with monetary gains, or more to the point, profit loss due to the huge number of failures amongst OUM students. again, huge sigh.

How is everyone doin? Keep the faith, ok!

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