Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Powerpoint Presentations in the MUET Classroom

As you can see from the video clips below, I've been using multimedia in the classroom.. but instead of me preparing and presenting, I've empowered my students to work in groups to gather materials and develop their own presentations. I believe that when you give students the room to grow, indeed they will. Of course the presentations are far from perfect, but as the old saying goes: it is not the destination that counts, but the journey itself.

Therefore, I'm sure my students will agree with me when I say they have learnt a lot from researching the topics using traditional referencing in the library.. and internet access where they collected most of the materials. What is more important is the process of reading and synthesising for a purpose.

For teachers, the basic instructions I gave were:
1. Divide each group into 3-4 students and provide a social ills topic (eg smoking, vandalism, gangsterism, drug abuse, free sex etc.)
2. Each person develops 5 - 7 slides using only POINT FORM (to avoid reading) and PICTURES/GRAPHS etc.. with NOT MORE THAN 20 WORDS per slide (to avoid over-congestion).
3. Students divided the content according to definition, examples, causes, effects and solution or recommendation.
4. Take lots of pics and record sections to be uploaded into Youtube, Facebook & Blogs.

So MUET students out there reading this, would you have liked doing this activity in your own class? Would it increase your motivation to present if you knew you would be published online?

Would be interesting to get your feedback on this as I will be explaining in my next blog the Action Research related to motivation that I'm conducting right now. :)


  1. hii,Audrey..nice to meet u..^^
    i love ur blog so much
    Got any tips for coming muet candidates?
    Any suggestion for coming muet speaking?
    May i know which topic need to focus?

  2. thank you so much for making my essay, kindly and generously audrey, ~jackie~

  3. hello,

    i'm taking muet this 12th oct..
    any advice or tips you would like to share with me??


  4. noor,how about ur muet speaking 2day?what topic?can share with us?

  5. hello mickey...

    mine is 2moro...
    12th oct..
    i will share with you guys 2moro..=)

  6. hi mickey...

    how's ur speaking goin??
    mine..not bad...
    but as usuall..grammar mistake..
    but i think..i did a very good job...

  7. me stuck2 when speaking..huhu..maybe too nervous..but still got a points..
    u session 1?

  8. sorry i havent checked this site lately.. been really busy. great job everyone.. speaking is only 15%.. concentrate on the rest of the papers now that speaking is over.. i've give more tips soon.. esp on grammar formulas!

  9. hello mickey..

    i'm in session 2...
    ms audrey...any tips for the other 3 papers?