Friday, January 7, 2011


Well you guys are well aware that the results are out for end of last year's MUET. Seems like the exam itself was harder than any i've encountered previously and the essay question about arranged marriages was simply an 'un-spottable' question. All of my students have been drilled on all the hot topics and current issues but we didn't talk about this. Consequently, a lot of you out there had to rely on your own ideas and opinion to answer it. Never mind, it turned out all right in the end. If there is one thing I've learnt from this, it's grammar and vocabulary makes all the difference. You may not be able to 'spot' questions accurately, but if you have impeccable grammar and a wide vocabulary, Bands 5 & 6 can be within grasp, I assure you. So strive for Zero-Error!

As for my school... I'm happy to report that SMK Majakir, Papar, Sabah has had a slight increase in quality (more band 4 this year than previously) although the number of band 3s have reduced marginally. Of the four classes, there were a significant amount of band 2s compared to band 1, so the overall quality also shows an upwards trend. And for the first time in my personal record, NONE of my students from the two classes I taught scored Band 1. For a suburban school, I find this to be an excellent achievement. Congrats to Upper Six Science & Upper Six 2, Class of 2010. You've done an old lady like me proud.

Anyway, the new year has begun, I'm in the midst of organising a Kota Kinabalu Level 1st InterSchool Colloquium Competition for MUET and will be busy designing modules for SPM English & MUET Students' Handbook soon. If I'm successfully published, you guys will be the first to know. Wish me luck.

All hell will break loose next week as activities in school heat up with meetings after meetings and my part time lectures at University Malaysia Sabah twice a week on Mondays & Wednesdays start. I'll try to keep the blog rolling with what I do in class. Will blog soon about my students' "Prototype Presentation" project which they will be doing next week. Cheers for now!


  1. hey teacher do u think 219 is enough? do u think i should retake again?? i am aiming for singapore local uni actually... thank you in advance for your advise...:)

  2. dont think muet is recognised in singapore, is it? dont you hv to take tofel or something like that cos that is recognised internationally? 219 is band 4 so if singapore accepts that, its a relatively high enough standard. cheers.

  3. my mark is 211(i did it last yr, when i was f5), my writing gt 64/90, so is it considered as a gud piece of writing or just mediocre?

  4. Hello Audrey, I am pleasant to drop by your blog. It is a useful blog for me when dealing with English. I would like some advise from you. I will facing muet soon but i still not sure i am ready because I had failed to achieve the target that I wan. I just manage to achieve band 2 for the past muet and this will be my 3th time retake. I just dont know why, for what my result get which essay is my weakness

  5. I want to know if u have got any spotted essay questions for end-of-year muet essays.. as I failed to acchieve the band I want previously on the arranged marriage essays part.. your help is really appreciated :)

  6. i dont spot questions, sorry. learn from all my blog entries in the archive, language is the most important element in succeeding in MUET. gluck