Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Invention Prototype Project

A good lesson for any MUET class to combine the four skills is to get them to form groups and invent something useful. First they brainstorm and plan it out, the next lesson they bring recycled products to make the invention and prepare a poster advert for it (writing). Then they practice their 'sales pitch' (speaking). Two reps for each group stay with the product and become sellers, while the others are buyers. Each buyers asks questions and can only buy TWO products. They 'buy' by writing their names and comments on the poster (evidence of speaking, reading and understanding). After 10 mins, change roles and allow the sellers to become the buyers. At the end of the time limit, the group that made the most sales wins a prize.
Writing is put into authentic practice with the poster advert. It also makes students read in an authentic situation.
Students can be as creative as you allow them to be. As a teacher, expect that they CAN do it, instead of ASSUMING they CAN'T do it. You'll be surprised what they can do.

Mechanical fold machine.. folds t-shirts automatically.. fantastic idea! The boy eating the Choc-Stick is because it was a free gift to lure the customers to buy the product, so you can brief your students on what makes a good salesman and a great sales pitch, after all, Malaysians love free gifts right!

Live demo makes all students enthusiastic and motivated to use the language.

My student explaining the product. :P Language (broken or otherwise) usage in its most authentic form in class.
The point is, any lesson which heightens motivation and gives students a purpose for speaking English cannot be a bad lesson. Steer clear of chalk and talk, my message is that a teacher's core duty is to EMPOWER HER STUDENTS. Trust that they can do it and you'll be impressed with the outcomes. :P

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