Monday, July 8, 2019

Grammar Masterclass with Mdm Audrey Koh-Wiles

Ok.. so the fundamental building blocks of English language learning is grammar but our education system in Malaysia has practically ignored the need for explicit teaching and learning of grammar.

Enter Mdm. Audrey and her crazily easy Grammar Formulas that make the teaching and learning, ie the theory and practical application of them as easy as ABC. I have played around with recording audio for PowerPoint and am now polishing my skill using a screen recorder to do future videos.

Anyway, if you want to keep updated, pls revisit this blogpost and I will keep updating the links for my 3 minute Grammar Tips videos for your self-study.

Season 1 Episode 1 :  Table of Tenses
Season 1 Episode 2 :  Present Tense Formula

Watch out for Season 1 Episode 3!!!!

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