Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Here's a sample model answer for the lastest MUET exam.


The world today is turning more to electronic communications such as the e-mail, Facebook and Short message System (SMS). What is your opinion of this growing trend? Discuss. You should write at least 350 words.

Generally, in answering academic essays, you need to really focus on a higher level of thinking which befits a Band 6, university style response. If you were to just answer that this electronic communication trend is good and that you can chat with your friends and keep in touch, then you really haven't explored the question in a mature and critical way.

How do you train your mind to be more critical and mature in approaching the question? Well, you need to focus not just on the effects of the concept to yourself and the people around you, but focus on how it will affect society not just in your country but globally.

Anyway, have a read of the sample answer below. Take note that I'm sticking to my writing template, but better students can use a more creative style to show their flair in writing effective compositions.

Everywhere we turn today, the world is crowded with people busy typing SMSes on their Nokias or iPhones or someone is staring unblinkingly at a Facebook or Yahoo page on the computer screen. Whether you like it or not, the age of Information Technology is upon us, and we can either learn new skills and adapt to this new technology, or be forever lost and stuck in the older generation. In my opinion, I am fully convinced that this growing trend is the way of the future, and it brings countless benefits to mankind. In this essay, I will discuss three positive effects of electronic communication, namely its efficiency, enhances communication and creates a borderless world community.

First and foremost, more and more people are relying on e-mail, Facebook, Short Message System (SMS) and other types of electronic communication tools because of its high efficiency. This is because in today's age of globalisation, we need information at the tip of our fingers. Moreover, with the use of these tools, we can increase the speed of getting the necessary and relevant information within seconds and this will increase our productivity. For example, gone are the days of using 'snail mail' or regular letters using stamps and envelopes and many more examples of 'old' technology because it is simply too slow and inefficient. Therefore, these e-communication tools increases the access to important information which is why the new generation is fully accepting this growing trend.

Secondly, this form of technology enhances communication among people today. This means that when we use SMS, e-mails and websites like Facebook, we are able to communicate clearly and directly to our target audience. Furthermore, people today find that the message is more important than the form it comes in as an e-mail in short but clear sentences is just as good or even better than a long and formal letter. For instance, an SMS can give clear instructions in just a few words and this communicates what needs to be done quickly and directly. Thus, when the intended message can be spread clearly using short and clear information like in SMSes and emails, communication can be enhanced and there will be less problems of miscommunication.

Last but not least, e-communication creates a borderless community in the world we live in today. This is due to the fact that the boundaries that separate each country becomes less relevant when information is transferred without limitations. In addition, the world would be a better place because there is a sense of 1-World commitment, respect and tolerance for the global community through efficient and clear e-communication. Take for example, we are able to connect with people on an international basis using Facebook, Friendster, Tagged, Hotmail, Yahoo and others. Hence, these tools will enhance global unity and create a more peaceful world.

In a nutshell, this growing trend has many positive effects not just to individuals but the global society in terms of efficiency, enhancing communicative skills and shaping a borderless community. In my opinion, I still firmly believe that this latest trend is the best way forward and if we do not catch up, we will be left behind by the tide of development. Our government can encourage the proper usage of electronic communications by increasing communication amenities and broadband accessibility especially in rural areas so that they can enjoy the same facilities as city-folks therefore balancing the development of our country towards achieving Vision 2020.

So what do you guys think? Please give me some feedback. ;-)


  1. hi...of coz ur sample essay is better than enuf.
    for me, i had alrdy try my best to giv all the points i could. hopefully can fulfill wat the examiner wants.
    btw, tis is the 1st time i feel confidence in tis question, even my grammar is not strong, but i still feel tat my essay is better than previous essays tat i had done b4.
    today juz finished my speaking task, my weakness among the 4 papers. wat i only can say is "oh my god~". mayb my speaking task is spoilt.
    aim for band4 but if i get band3, i'll also feel it's enuf for me.

  2. good to know that your confidence level has boosted. ;-) as for speaking, it is still just 15% of the overall marks so dont worry too much abt it. remember to tell me what result you actually got this time ok, fingers crossed for the best! ;-)

  3. Well written. I guess I have perceived a few important points regarding writing. Below is the summary which I got through analysing your sample essay. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    * 1 introduction
    * 1 ending
    * 3 main points as its body
    * rough length of essay : 600 words
    * relate not only to self but to global as well
    * list topic sentences clearly in thesis statement
    * in each body paragraph, provide 1 topic sentence, elaboration and examples

    May I ask, will it be good enough for me to write only 3 main points in order to attain a band 5?

    And, would you mind to be my consultant throughout my self-study for this coming final MUET? I did badly in the mid year MUET and I am preparing myself for the coming MUET exam. I am a college student in teaching institution. Here, the lecturers do not really teach in details about how to score well in MUET. So, I intend to study all the 4 components through books and internet notes. I would really appreciate your assistance if you are willing to review my essay for the Writing paper. I need somebody whom is experienced and competent enough to give me constructive comments on how to improve. If it is possible, I would like to email you time to time of the essays which I have written, so that I could know how to combat my weaknesses.

    My email address :

    I will be delighted to receive your feedback asap.

    PS * I will be checking your blog from time to time.

    Thank you.


  4. i was excited reading the one you wrote in italic and began reading your essay. sorry,but i think it's like many other ordinary essay. :)

  5. jethro.. by all means, outbeat me. if u get band 6, let me know. cheers.

  6. To be honest, im not really good in english.. But what I can say is that your writing really make sense and I like your way of writing... Straight forward and understandable...
    Would u assist me in my muet this sem... It would be my pleasure if U do...
    ~asad @ add~

  7. thanks g0d course i find the way h0w to answer muet effectively wh0 left two weeks more...

  8. im not a good in english but wana to give my comment.your essay was realy make sense and can be my example to write essay...can u gve more sample of writing . my muet will be
    this saturday.should you?

  9. I really like your blog and your sample of essay. straight to the point and very brief. but of course, the second question is not bothering me too much. it is the first question that is going to cause me dearly tomorrow, should i will write more than um.... 200 words?

    i am an ex a levels student, a literature student and currently trying to babystep and applying to the local university which required me to take this MUET test thingy.

    don't know whether i should be nervous or not, but hey your blog really helps. hope that i'll nail the question tomorrow and won't end up too shabby or too .. sloppy. thanks for the wonderful tips though ^^

  10. good essay only can be described no doubt there are still contained a lot of improvement u can do. my question is, is it we must write out the point we want to explain later in the first paragraph? or easy to be called, thesis statement...

  11. the thesis statement is a MUST. you MUST outline what you will describe in the body of your essay. for weaker students, better to mention the 3 points you want to concentrate on. For others, you can find a more creative way of explaining the body of your essay in a single and clear sentence. :P tq bryant for the question.

  12. good essay :)...students should aware that there are some differences in writing essay in the muet level compared to the spm...muet is testing your english language proficiency in the academic field to be, academic words are important in writing essays in muet.why do we find this essay straightforward and the meaning is clear?...because of the academic helps the writer to convey the intended meaning without having to beat around the bush...that is one of the characteristics of an academic text. almost 11% of the words used in this essay are academic words,which is quite high. if i'm not mistaken,the last time i check...normally academic writers use 11 to 13% of academic words in their text...:)

  13. hi Wanie... tq for the excellent comments. Curious to know how you determined the 11%.. is there a formula? can you please share with me? tq tq.. :P

  14. excellent essay!!

    and i wanna ask how to do essay with mature and broad ideas( i meant that the ideas is beyond not only focus on one aspects as essay above) the rgarding other issues as questions below for example.

    Year End 2008
    "People are becoming more materialistic. They are concerned with making more money and what money can buy." What is your opinion on being materialistic? You should write at least 350 words.

    Mid 2009
    Information and communications technology (ICT) is the cause of today's many social ills. What is your opinion? Support your answers with examples. You should write at least 350 words.

    Year End 2009
    People commit crime for selfish reasons. Discuss. You should write at least 350 words.

    Year End 2010
    In an arranged marriage, the choice of a husband or wife is made by parents or elders. What do you think of this practice in today's society? Discuss. You should write at least 350 words.

    Mid 2011
    The most valuable thing in life is friendship. Do you agree? Discuss. You should write at least 350 words.

    Teacher, give me some suggestion aspect how to write these essay above with matured and broad ideas..thank you I really appreciated its :)


  16. hi...i've look through your essay and i hope it can help me.. i need your advice here.. i will be sitting my muet this Saturday..but the problem is.. i'm scared if i'm writing lengthy essay.. i might doing many mistake.. i also weak in my grammar.. i also have read some blog that tell us don't write lengthy essay to avoid of losing more marks.. but my lecturer said.. we need to write more so that the examiner know we have already write more than 350 words... can you help me..? i'm afraid if i don't get good band..

  17. follow my writing template n u will be able to write 350 words. no need to write longer than that but make sure not shorter. good luck

  18. ur essay is really good.. it's really useful to me..
    can u tell me how to construct a good sentence? my structures of sentences put me in very low marks..

  19. hai.ur eloboration is very good....and the points were stated nice and clear.....but for me my spelling is really bad n can't eloborate more on my idea in afraid that i can't answer my essay for 2moro.....


  21. wow .... u really are going to get band 6...

  22. wow! such an obvious essay..this is very helpful..!! my muet is just around the corner! so scare!

  23. tomorrow is the day for writing and the other 2 skills muet test..this is so helpful by giving me some ideas and vocabs..i am an university students yet still my essay is like a spm ashamed..huhu..well, thnks a lot for this well done essay :)

  24. wuhuu cant wait for tomorrow.. Goodluck friends.. ^^

  25. cant wait 4 dis morning :D GUDLUCK ALL!!

  26. Thanks you so much.
    Your tips and example is very helpful for me.

  27. Dear Audrey, im currently studying lower6 under a new module, and there is some question that always linger in my head, does this new system related to the old system of MUET marking? And I need your extra hand to help me with my MUET, in thesis statement, do we need to write down the analysis and synthesis? Or we only need to write the AnS's when there is diagram given to us? Reply me,, thank you!

  28. Dear Audrey, the essay that you wrote is really good.. i wish i could write like that.... one of the major problem that i'm facing is the speaking test.. i tend to lost of words and suddenly blank.... as i think for the writing test, i think we should have general knowledge.. right ?

  29. dear Audrey , I can speak in English better then my writing. can you give me some tips to improve my writing skills?

  30. "Bloody hard to nail the bones!"

    Well, writing essay is not an easy task among's Malaysian because most of the question are jargon to each candidate. i'll be taking the exam in upcoming July and i still had primitive screw head to study or even read a newspaper. It's awful and i think, i just go sit around the corner and answer the question in spontaneous manner.

  31. Thank your for your essay :D This July will be my first time taking the MUET exam. I am very much anxious and worried. I have no guide whatsoever for this upcoming exam. The problem is, I have problems coming up with ideas in terms of writing and speaking. I am also pretty worried with my vocabulary and how to construct sentences properly as a University level student. Please help me~

  32. Hi there Audrey,
    I've read your essay. It is simple. Easy to understand. Well-organized.
    Actually I graduated from Japan. And I'm currently doing my master's degree in Malaysia. But the University does not accept my English qualification (taken in Japan). I have to take the MUET instead.
    Your post is very helpful. Thanks!

    As for oral test, I think I have a pretty good command in English.
    I want to know is it 'bad' if I write more than the required words?
    I aim for Band 4 (actually I don't know the standard). If I write more than 350 words will I get a better band?

    Thanks again!

  33. Hi Madam audrey, one question here, will the theme for the essays be repeated again?

  34. Can you separate the sample essay in a nwe link or smth ? To ease us to find sample essay in this blog. Ty

  35. Thanks God I had found your essay Ms Audrey! I will taking Muet in this November and I hope I can get band 5, but I also know my weakness is lack of vocabulary and cannot build the point in a good way. Any suggestion for me? Your effort will be appreciated.
    *I will follow your blog always

  36. So...i cant write just like yours..but i wish i can improved my writing skill..

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