Tuesday, April 19, 2011


View 2011 Mid Year MUET paper here.

Right, so here are the much awaited answers that I've done on my own, so I don't guarantee it will be exactly the same as MPM's answers. To me, there are only two ambiguous questions but I will not mention which ones. If the comments I recieve touch on those then maybe I will change my answers. Compared to last year's answers, this paper is more straightforward. :P Good luck you all... and if you want to know a 'predictive' band, just multiply your mark by 300 and divide by 45. This will give you an estimated 'band'. Band 1 = 0 - 99, B2 = 100 - 139, B3 = 140 - 179, B4 = 180 - 219, B5 = 220 - 259 & B6 = 260 - 300

1. B (new answer thanks to Adrian Lee)
2. A
3. B
4. C
5. B
6. B
7. C
8. B
9. A
10. A
11. A
12. C
13. C
14. A
15. C
16. A
17. B
18. C
19. A
20. C
21. B
22. B
23. A
24. C
25. A
26. A
27. B
28. C
29. B
30. B
31. D
32. B
33. C
34. B
35. D
36. A
37. B
38. D
39. A
40. A
41. D
42. A
43. D
44. B
45. B

Well? What is your estimated band based on my answers? Hope it's good news!


  1. i'm just get 30/45... so frustrated.. so many careless answers....=( my estimated band is band 4... hoping when the exact result come out, i can score for band 4..... btw, thanks mdm for the answer...........=(

  2. ques 24 is A? but i thought that the main reason is that they adapt to local flavors (C) =(

  3. miss audrey, would appreciate if you can help me in my few doubts..
    1. ques 3 - i'm quite unsure about this. does the sentence " resilient in any economic climate" mean that the industry is recession proof?
    2. is it possible for the answer of ques 34 to be C? and for answer of ques 37 to be D?

    thanks so much =)

  4. preetikaur.. thanks for pointing out my typo.. 24 is indeed C. as for question 34 i'm quite confident that the answer is B as society shapes us as men and women. As for 37, I agree that the answer is ambiguous so it is a toss up between B & D. Question 3 could be C as there is no substantial proof but i think B is stronger it says there could be a slight decrease in non-medical sectors so this indicates that it is not recession proof. :P so what did you score?

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  6. i scored 29/45! :(

    miss audrey, could you explain some of ur answers.

    1) for question 7, isnt that the profitability graph shows century holdings as the biggest manufacturer?

    2) for question 32 , i believe that assumption refers to the belief that men and women are not the same, because after the sentences, researchers reveal that men and women share more than 99percent of their genetic material.

  7. hello mdm, how about question 29??

    is it possible for the answer to be C which is in india, food products are constantly evolving to meet local taste??

  8. i scored 40/45. thank you so much for youe reply, really appreciate it :)

  9. slam 1 msia miss..urm,by the way miss,if i score 28,did i really can gt b4 for muet?i just trgetting b3..miss,do u tink i can score for b3??i hope i really can coz i tink my essay on report is not so okay...

  10. band 4 is quite far for me... TT

  11. May I ask why question 34 is B? Doesn't it shows that women are more concerned about their health?

  12. i scored 32/45.. hurmm.. i just need more miracles to happen... :)

  13. 30/ 4 seems so far.. could 35 be A and 37 D?

  14. Miss i scored 25/45 only, it is possible to get band 3? i'm so stress now~

  15. asri, aku setuju yg number 7 tu, but for no 32, jawapan dia dh bagi clue, cuba tgk line 14-16, okay

  16. questions
    1) I have changed the answer for no. 1 from true to false. growth of 8 to 10% per annum does not mean that 8 to 10% are produced for export (thank you to Adrian lee derk huan for pointing this out)
    3) my answer is still B as recession proof means it cannot decrease at all while the passage mentions that in non-medical fields, there could be a slight decrease
    7) highest profitability does not mean biggest manufacturer.
    29)the focus of the whole passage is on global food companies, no mention of local ones except one example given.
    32) anaphoric reference to the line before that 'women are smaller versions of men'
    34) anaphoric reference to the way in which society shapes the way people think
    35) refers to the situation, not the example given.
    37) is either B or D but definitely not A & C, given a choice, I'd stick to B.

    Any other queries?
    Nice to see a good discussion going on here.

  17. as for number 1,a should be the answer,because the sentence before it is about the global demand.meaning that the 8-10 percent per annum is refer to the glove that will be export.can you please check again miss audrey?

  18. Colvis Tan
    i almost get the same result as you

    i got counted
    if u can get well at other part~
    we still have the chance to get band 3~

  19. omg i only got 29 correct >_<
    i think i might need to retake muet again...

  20. how manay questions that we must get correct if our target is band 4?

  21. one more question away from band 6 :(

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  23. salam musalmah, 8%-10% is the percentage of growth demand per annum. the statement a bit tricky here..
    i got only 30/45..still hope for miracle..:(

  24. wslm su.bcause of that question i got only 33/45 instead of 34/45.i just have my panic shock with this mark wheather there is any chance of me to achieve b4.i really need this!!!!!

  25. i only got 23 correct i think i need to retake hope there is got miracle

  26. miz audrey, for question 1, the growth of 8 to 10% per annum does not mean that 8 to 10% are produced for export rite? so, isnt that mean that the answer is C - Not stated?

  27. good evening teacher, im not very good in english, may teacher explain to me bout my wrong answers, i dont really understand.
    8)i answered (C)
    9)(A), the reason is line 1, Europe's population is, right now, peaking
    11)(B) why blame and not acknoeldge?
    14)(B)i thought "could" refers to future
    28)(C)is it because illustrative examples refer to things u imagine such as those foods they wrote in the text

    I scored 28/45

  28. 31) protocol means procedure, but hospital protocol if according to the dictionary, it means medical treatments... so is it possible with the answer C treatments but not (D) procedures ?

  29. Hello Madam, I am doubt for question 34 and 35, can u please explain further. I got 28 for your answer and 30 for my teacher answer. Is there a hope i can get band 4 or 5?

  30. Hello everyone. Ouh no, i was just getting nervous to check my paper too soon when home. btw, how come we can count this section as band. doesn't it need to be complete all of the papers only can calculate for band result. i would predict this n my result as well if i can be sure that other sessions answered well. thank you.

  31. when will the muet results come out? anyone?

  32. 13 June 2011, gudluck everyone. :)

  33. goooodd luck everyone! gile ak nebes.. :\

  34. Alhamdulillah..i got less 10 marks to achieve band 4..good enough for me who study alone just referring to Ms Audrey sample & tips..TQVM Ms are really help me a lot..

  35. tq 4 in hands.tq 4 all your guidance teacher, if i'm not stopped by your blog before, i might not achieve band's very important for're the best! :)

  36. TQ miz audrey.. got BAND 4 this time. :D

  37. thank you so much miss audrey. i got band 4. just 20 more to get band 5. god bless you!

  38. thank you miss a private candidate,almost all the section i refer to your blog..i got band 3 & i'm happy with it..thanks once again.. =)

  39. miss thank you very much. i got band4 this time. boleh sambung degree in BLS. yeay. May god bless you.

  40. I keep looking for the LIKE button but there is none on blogger.. haha... I LIKE all these comments... good going guys!!! esp Qeyla, Su, AsRi, myra, hmdnzr n truly madly... :P

  41. i got 15/ to improve it? :(

    im too lazy in reading.

  42. URGENT!!

    helo mdm audrey
    i requestisting for muet answer key for end year 2009 reading...please very urgent for preparation tmrw exam

  43. tq for your sharing~^^

  44. aku dapat 20 /45.. kuang kuang kuang.. kekeke