Saturday, April 16, 2011

So this round is finally over. :P Had fun?

Well today seems to be a momentous day... for MUET candidates and Sarawakians & all and sundry. We will just have to wait for the results patiently. Anyway, I have no access to the reading paper as my students are only sitting for the exam at the end of the year. Can someone give me a link or upload their exam paper to or google documents? I also want to see the questions for the report and academic essay, preferably verbatim. So anyone who can post the question with exact phrasing, could you do so immediately. Looking forward to analysing the reading paper.. :P Cheers you all... time for some R&R. xxx Audrey xxx


  1. "The most important thing in life is friendship". Do you agree ? Discuss.

    Hmm.. the data given for the report was two tables.. =X don't have a scanner.. sorry ..

  2. Hello. First of all, thank you for the MUET tips, I used your tips in answering the questions today. Madam, I need to know whether hb pencil is allowed to use in the reading part, because I accidentally use it instead of 2b pencil. I'm really afraid now :( If it is true that hb pencil can't be use, what can I do to help myself?

  3. Here it is:
    -For study purposes only-

  4. Hi, I'm an upper six student who just took my muet exam today. I would like to confirm something.. For writing, question 2 is as follows :
    'Friendship is the most valuable thing in life. Do you agree? Discuss.'
    Was I wrong to write that I 'partially agree'? :( Or should I have written 'agree' or 'disgree' completely? Was I out of topic? Thank you..

  5. The listening test was terible... We couldn't hear the women's voice at all due to poor pa system of my collage... i can only close my eye and "feel" the answer....
    btw, any answer for reading test??

  6. The reading test was tough :/ How did you guys write the essay for question 2?

  7. Just write sth like "Friendships is the most valuable thing in life" that shows indirectly agreed with that point. No clue for doing it as argue or academic essay.

  8. Thank you for all your tips on MUET... I feel so relieve right after the test.

    so, yea... will you post the answer for the reading paper??? you won't don't you???

  9. Can teacher provide MUET reading answer 2011?
    Can teacher go through the questions or do it?
    This time the questions is tricky for me.

    MUET Reading

    MUET Writing

    Thank you!

  10. hey teacher. my speaking stimulus were on this earlier on ways to live a happy life.
    a)appreciate what you have
    b)making friendship as priority in life
    C)enjoy what you do.
    D)learn from your mistake
    my group were the first group but on the sixth day of muet speaking exam.
    and the writing essay come out is
    "the molst valuable things in life is friendship:
    almost similar to the speaking.but still,i i too insert kinship too crucial in life.what do you think?

  11. hai~teacher..
    i am worried about my writing test is out of topic..
    title: the most valuable thing in life is u agree?
    i wrote disagree and i said that because there is still many others thing is valuable as,health and knowledge..
    and then i wrote about y family can consider as valuable thing in one paragraph, health one paragraph and so for the knowledge point...
    izit ok if i wrote like this?
    i need band 3 in order to get graduate..T.T

  12. Listening Test [my answer] - based on my notes.

    Part 1 : Financial Literacy Campaign
    1) through... WORKSHOP
    motto .... 2) SAVING, 3)SPENDING
    Training Programme :
    7) most important skill -
    a) managing budget
    b) public relation
    c) TEAM (/)

    8) how to be a trainee - speaker
    a) email to the bank
    b) bank website
    c) university (/)

    Part 2 : Allergy
    9) malaysian children....
    a) Food (/)
    b) parents
    c) environment

    10) treated
    a) cured
    b) can be reappeared (/)

    11) mothers encourage breast feed
    a) cow
    b) eczema (/)
    c) solid food

    12. C
    13. C
    14. F
    15. Father's Day Celebration
    16. exciting mystery prize
    17. Srivijaya Empire and Majapahit Empire
    18. involved in international trained
    19. Wireless Internet Connection
    20. call it the Internet Bus

  13. i want to publish my remake essay in my blog (with different language style compared to my real essay in muet exam). but i'm a bit worried of the grammar and wording use....i know you are busy..but anyone can help checking my grammar? sincere help are welcome...

  14. teacher, help me ! I have been giving wrong answer in writing question 1. when 1 should be the highest i've wrote it as the lowest for the goals ranking.does it affect much? i just feel like want to kill suicide -.-'

  15. From answer that given by @Asri, I only got 15/20. Madam, can you give the answer for listening paper?

  16. tqvm teacher for your helpful tips...

  17. can u provide answer for reading?

  18. ateen, i think some of my answers also wrong.. hurm. just pray for the best k.

  19. OMG..I didn't have enough time to rewiew my answer Reading & Writing..i can't concentrate on my paper becoz the candidate next of me make noisy with knocking his table since he didn't answer the paper(i guess)..Listening paper Q.19&20 I can hear clearly the answer..urgh..just hope i can get B.3 at least to continue my study..
    Hope Ms Audrey can give the answer for Reading Paper..BTW I should thanks to you a lot becoz i only learn & study for MUET from your slide & sample answer..luckly i found your blog in the last minutes just be4 speaking test..

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  21. Su, what do u think the answer for Q19 & Q20? I hv some doubt on my answers.

  22. Asri, semua jawapan tu betul ke? Confirm?

  23. Asri, 19 is correct based on my ans...
    my 20 ans is, students completed homework. is it correct ? :'((

  24. fawas : eh.. xde ah. tu jawapan aku tu. ak pn rase ade gak salah.
    cherry : owh. ok.

  25. cherry, jawapan number 20 exactly macam kau punya. Asri, okay okay

  26. sorry cant provide listening answers because i don't hv the cd. will hv to wait for them to supply all the schools. keep discussing guys, maybe u can find common answers and that will boost your confidence. :P

  27. Asri, sorry it suppose to be "I can't hear". I miss the ('t)..that is why i'm so frustated..

  28. Su.. owh. its okay. just pray for da best. insyaALLAH. :)

  29. Thank you Mr Asri for the suggested answer in Listening and Audrey for the helpful blog. Only to see this helpful blog very early this morning. TQVM.. might visit here again and suggest to my students too..