Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Hey all.. I can't seem to access the paper on scribd. So someone needs to scan the exam paper and email to me asap!!! argggh.. so frustrating.

Anyway, please take a look at my two sample answers for the report in a previous post.

Anyone wants to attempt the friendship question again and let me mark and publish it? :P Cheers ya'all!



  2. my thesis statement correct if i put: i strongly believe that friendship is the most valuable thing in our life simply because it is a powerful element apply on us.
    and is that my point correct and sastified enough: the power of influencing, the power of going through all the obstacles with us, the power of making us feel containful
    thanks you so much..
    and in my question 1, i didnt do much linking and i dint mension all the things in the table, i just pick up those important point and i didnt link the 2 tables because i miss understand the question..i just describe both table and making conclusion that different age group have different demand because of their different pesonality and that enough for me to get a band 4 in my writing?

    my english is not very good but i juz hope that i can get low band 4 in this muet exam..

  3. just asking, for the friendship question is it a argumentative or discussion ? bcoz some of the candidates answered it with either agreed or not agreed, and some of us gave both advntge and disadvntge of the friendship, is it okay? bcoz the question didnt state it clearly.