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2011 Year End MUET Writing 800/3 answers

Consumers' choice of venues for grocery shopping in 1985 and 2010

The stimuli present a bar graph on 'Places Where Consumers Buy Their Groceries' and a table on 'Characteristics of Shopping Venues in 2010'. Generally, majority of consumers prefer to shop in supermarkets that have customer-friendly characteristics compared to quarter of a century ago where people favoured wet markets.

The grocery shopping trend has evolved over the last 25 years based on the data in Figure 1. There is a significant increase of 55% of consumers visiting supermarkets in 2010 (60%) compared to 5% in 1985. This is attributed to the positive characteristics of supermarkets which are more comfortable, convenient and offering big discounts and variety. Also showing a rising trend is a 3% increase in consumers visiting 24-hour stores because of its convenience. Meanwhile, night markets seem to show a consistent trend stabilising at 11% both in 1985 and 2010. The most substantial decline can be seen in the deteriorating percentage of consumers visiting wet markets from 45% to 14% (difference of 31%) followed by 27% difference for grocery stores. The table indicates that while negotiable price and personalised service are key characteristics of grocery stores and wet markets, these venues seem to lose customers to venues that offer more appealing characteristics.

In conclusion, venues like supermarkets with better characteristics in terms of discounts, variety and services are more likely to win over customers.

(This answer is abt 200+ words... my first draft... will reduce the words later.. but u get the picture)

Writing Question 2:
"A person's career choice should be determined by his or her interest." Discuss.
Any comments on how to tackle this question?


  1. actually i didn't know whether i answer that question or not, :(
    my answer:
    1) i do agree because of these three reason:
    a- freedom of choice
    b- satisfactory
    c- quality of job affected

  2. i only give to point........frustrated

  3. madam , shall we get the relevan points related to the essay pls...?

  4. No enough time la... huah!!!
    But I did finish my last sentence, hoping to get band 4

  5. My points are :
    I agree.
    1) Since we spend quite much time on our work everyday, we will be depressed if we do the things that we don really enjoy everyday

    2) If you are doing the job you like, you tend to perform better and consequently lead a better life. Also increase in the productivity of the company and nation.

    3) If you don like your job and just do it for the sake of doing it, may jeopardize ppl's life and safety too. For eg. aircraft technician who just wants to get his job done as soon as possible.

    Included the saying "If you enjoy doing your work, you are not working a single day" and iterated my stand again.

    Any comments? :S

  6. Agree to the statement. Here are some of the reasons I could think of :
    1. Job satisfaction
    2. No/ less pressure at work
    3. Better performance at work
    4. Quality of life will improve when we are happy with what we do
    Actually, having better performance at work has a lot of things that we could talk about.

  7. Chong said:

    My points are:
    I agree
    1)interest-improve productivity,more confidence
    2)except interest,distance also important

    I wrote these points bcuz i saw 'should be' and 'discuss',not 'do you agree'

    Any comment??

  8. partially agree:
    interest and education
    -proficiency working skills
    -ability to competitive

  9. wrong 19...dunknw got chance 2 get band 3 or not...vvery scare...

  10. i agree...
    -more committed to their job
    - don't get bored or fed-up doing it over and over again
    -people will be anxious to know and learn more about their job- lead to better performance

  11. I support with the statement...
    My points are:

    1. enjoyable pathway to success.
    - to pursue a career, one has to learn enough knowlege or skills...
    -The journey to pursue the career could be very stressing if they do not enjoy it.
    -high motivation to pursue their dream.

    2. high quality of job/life.
    -enjoy with their work.
    high motivation at work.
    low stress level.
    high productivity and quality of work.

    3. (counterargument) Some people said some careers are not profitable.
    -not true, since there are lots job opportunities to be ventured.
    -Lots of jobs which based on same skills/knowledge.
    -Eg: doctors could be lecturers and clinical counsellor.
    -Lots of unknown/behind-the-scene jobs.
    Eg: Hotel sous chef/ special effect designer in movies.

  12. hahhhaaa...most people agreed to it.I disagree. my points are :
    -career demand are influenced by world/country's economy , career choice need to be adjusted flexible to demand.
    -interest are not guaranteed the same pass over years , since it is usually decided when still in early age = still immature thinking
    -lifestyle affects job choice*i wasn't quite about this

  13. sorry. *quite sure about this

  14. me also disagree. hm, mdm is it career and job are the same thing?

  15. is it acceptable if we disagree??..bc the statement not ask you to agree or not right??

  16. madam, regarding the first question, is it okay if i put "the relationship between the places where consumers buy their groceries and the characteristics of shopping venues in 2010" as the title of the essay? and then, is it acceptable if i just analyse about the highest and lowest percentage of places where people used to shop in 1985 and 2010 instead of discussing on the increased or declined of the graph?

  17. greetings, madam. we were given 3 papers to write our essays on. but i made a big mistake here. i answered question1 on the first page of the first answer sheet, while on the second page of the same paper, i wrote my essay for question2. i continued question2 on the first page of second answer sheet, but the problem is that i didnt use the other page of the same paper. i accidentally wrote my conclusion on the back page of the third paper. i mean, the two inner pages in between my second and third paper were blank. to make it worse, there is only a hole at the left upper corner, which made me to be unable to turn my conclusion-page over so that the examiner could notice it. however, i drew a huge blue-ink slash on both blank pages. i'm worried. i know it is confusing for me to explain to you like this, i hope you can get what i'm trying to say. do you think the examiner will turn to the back to see if there's something more at the back?

  18. Will we be pinalised if the number of words is more than 200? (For part 1)

  19. not penalised for more than 200 words but everything written after that is disregarded and therefore self-penalising.

    as for essay: when you discuss you can agree or disagree as long as you introduce valid factors and discuss it in a mature and critical manner with concrete examples and elaboration. adding counterarguments (i blogged abt it in my previous post, check it out) will score higher marks if the counterarguments and refutation are accurate and well explored.

    anyway.. at the end of the day, language (fluency and accuracy) is what counts. if you have that, even the most basic points can score you a high band.

  20. Here's what I wrote for question 2, Mdm Audrey.

    I disagree by saying that it should not be the only factor determining our career.

    They should also include:
    1. A good salary and promotional track
    2. Number of job opportunities available
    3. How it could benefit the community and country

  21. wrote question 1 in 4 paragraph will get a higher mark?

  22. Agree because of the following reasons :
    1. Job satisfaction - if one pursue one's career with full interest, one will do one's job with full satisfaction and at the end of the day, u can give yourself a pat on the back and say a job well done. Just like Audrey who gives so much for her students. Right!
    2. A little along the line of job satisfaction - a pursuit in a career according to one's will do the job par excellence. One will not feel the drudgery of doing one's job even if it is for a long duration of time like 15 or 20 years at the job and still feel the oomphs for it.
    3. career advancement if one pursue one's job with interest in mind..Remember Education is a journey never a can never be satisfied with one's present skills or knowledge..the interest will fire up a person's determination to better oneself in one 's career

  23. oh my god. i'm so anxious now!!!! my MUET tutor didn't say anything abt the 200 word mark! so when doing exercises with him, i constantly wrote significantly more than 200 words, like somewhere close to 300! i think it was even more than that during exam! if i recall, the leftover words were for the conclusion. how severely do you think my scores will be deducted because of this? so worried!

  24. Madam Audrey,is it the points of:-
    1.distance to and from work
    can be accepted for the expended writing(question 2)???some of my friends are dicussing about the factors by disagree the factors of many of my friends,included me are just mention about 'whether interest should be determined,why' it question 2 have 2 ways to write??we are quite worry and wonder if we are getting out of topic!!!so,Madam Audrey,can you please tell me are these two ways cn be written for question 2??this question is a bit discussible...i need your reply ASAP.thx

  25. jeanne.. stop fretting. you can answer any style you like as there is no black and white rule that says you MUST AGREE or DISAGREE with the statement given. All you have to do is discuss it in a mature and critical manner with good grammar and vocab using an academic style. If i were to answer the question i would play up the word 'SHOULD' in the question, therefore agreeing that in an ideal world, we SHOULD choose our careers based on interests... then i'd introduce the counterarguments that in reality, and practicality, SHOULD does not equate to how it turns out in the end. people end up choosing careers based on extrinsic factors such as job opportunities, income and logistics. anyway, this is just my point of view. :P

  26. I can"t get the 2011 year end MUET answers for Reading Comprehension ( 800/3 ). Please give us the answer. Thanks

  27. Mdm Audrey, do you know when the muet results will come out?

  28. Thanks for the Q1 sample answer! Could you please upload the question paper for reference? Thanks in advance!

  29. I wonder how you know the questions for the writting paper since our muet exam is on 19th of November 2011 and you publish the questions one day before our exam. If the paper is confidential then why do you have the questions? and for the reading too.

  30. correction *writing

  31. hi anon... my blog is set at western time.. it is now 6.23 am in msia but if u see the stamped time u will find it says it was at an earlier time. dont believe me? ask urself if u wrote ur comment at 9.34am (in the morn) or not. i'm very insulted by ur insinuation. all my blogwalkers n followers will tell u too that i did the papers as soon as my students fin their papers cos i was excited to help... how dare u make a comment that attacks my credibility without first researching all avenues? shame on u.

  32. I am so sorry if you feel insulted with my comment. Yes it is my fault for saying that but one thing for sure I was just curious not that I underestimate your credibility. I'm sorry if my words hurt you..My fault for not doing an advance research before posting the previous comment in this post. Once again I am so so sorry :(

    And one thing, thanks for the other tips on the MUET. I got a good band for it which I don't even believe it till I receive my muet slip :)

  33. congrats on your result. glad to have helped. please be careful with what you comment in future.

  34. Dear madam,
    are there any problems if i justify the points with both views, disagreement and agreement...

  35. question 1 or 2 of the writing paper? Q1 no opinions and assumptions, just interpretation of data. Q2 - you can agree or disagree 100% or have a 50-50 ratio etc.. there is no set answer. we look more at maturity and quality of answer esp grammar.

  36. Hello, I wanna ask about the way to get a Band 3 in MUET...I got some problems in listening...and sometimes during speaking teat, I cant list out the relevant points... Can give me any suggestions?

  37. I don't have the question 1.
    Could you upload the question?
    I want to refer the question with the answer.
    Thanks ^^

  38. arrrgg. muet . i dont know this :(

  39. hope can do de bez for my muet soon.. :)

  40. actually,,i have a prob on how to analysis data given in Q1,,hmmm..but i'll try my best with this excellence tips from you,madam..hope God ease me.. :)