Friday, November 18, 2011

2011 Year End MUET Reading 800/3 answers

1. B: 1995 - 2005 = ten year period, not 20
2. B: 2005, 1st is fishing 43.3 million, skateboarding 12.2 mil
3. A: - get this - ...! (use of expression and exclamation mark)
4. B: percentage growth of soccer 17.5, golf 2.9 does not indicate MORE THAN TWICE THE RATE
5. C: No mention of statistics for those 'watching' big sports
6. A: kayaking is an individual sport
7. B: writer DOES NOT prefer the current trend in sports participation, he's all for the cheering crowd (meaning he likes to watch, not participate)
8. A: worried how customers perceive their brand = losing their distinctiveness
9. B: no mention of Starbucks loss of revenue/income, paragraph 2 indicates Starbucks experienced has watered down but didn't mention income.
10. B: not because of high prices but paragraph 3 states 'are at risk from growing sense that their products are indeed just commodities'.
11. C: Schulz suggests that the company needs to go back to its roots.
12. A: up-market - more appealing to the rich.
13. B: doubtful - similar to 'not sure'
14. C: health conscious because there is a growing concern about obesity.
15. A: a stronger greenhouse gas than CO2 - pound for pound methane is a more powerful greenhouse gas
16. B: difficult to control - para 2: 'it is not always easy because sometimes they are one and the same'.
17. A: 'they do exist' conveys disbelief
18. B: warming at higher latitudes
19. A: tipping point - point where something tips over/trigger a serious reaction
20. C: are easier to control than those emitted from wetlands and paddy fields
21. A: option III is not stated
22. B: women now earn almost as much as men because it stated, 'due to a narrowing wage gap'. option A is unacceptable as there is no data and option C is also not related as it is not stated who owns more property
23. B: emphasise the large numbers - biggest/twice the size of the hottest developing markets
24. B: seismic relates to earthquakes/earth shattering/something amazing, nerve wrecking means nervous, groundbreaking means pioneer/original/first of its kind
25. A: human capital - manpower
26. A: more open - more liberal
27. C: cause and effect (access to female edu therefore increase of literacy, increased labour-force participation therefore 70 percent more women work etc)
28. A: growing faster because 8.1 compared to 5.8. option B is not accurate as higher female earners in developed world is not necessarily comparing to men, could be compared to number of female earner is poorer countries and C is inaccurate as 80 percent is not the same as 'Some 80 percent' which means 'about 80 percent)
29. B: 'what the world needs at the moment' = positive attitude
30. C: conveys surprise
31. B: anaphoric reference
32. A: affects the ability to convey emotions
33. B: one consequence (stated in the question) is a delayed response to anger as given in the example in lines 42 - 44
34. C: contributes to the field : 'part of a bludgeoning field called 'embodied cognition'
35. C: using their hands to commit a moral transgression therefore they will have an urge to wash them.
36. B: because all the other statements are can be proven wrong.
37. C: all three - body, mind (thoughts) and emotions (feelings) are interrelated.
38. B: previous paragraph (anaphoric) refers to how cheap food has been and how much people waste
39. D: NOT TRUE because when more meat is consumed demand for grain increases as 8kg grain needed to produce 1kg meat
40. C: the use of maize for ethanol has increased food prices because the maize for ethanol amounts for half of the fall in the world's overall grain stocks.
41. A: farmers not the urban poor
42. D: no mention of higher wages
43. B: free up agricultural trade= less control and opening up
44. B: a catch here refers to a drawback/disadvantage
45. D: once in a lifetime chance to narrow the gap

Hi... these are only my own answers, not MPM's. There are a few questions that are open for debate as the answers are quite tricky. The others I'm pretty certain correct. Anyway, check your answers here and let me know your comments. :P


  1. i scored only 30.. izti very bad?

  2. want to predict your result (not 100% reliable but a good indicator) :
    your correct answers times 300 divided by 45

    Example: 30 x 300 / 45 = 200 ( Band 4)

    Band 1: 0 - 99
    Band 2: 100 - 139
    Band 3: 140 - 179
    Band 4: 180 - 219
    Band 5: 220 - 259
    Band 6: 260 - 300

  3. Q.41 I think should be A - farmers but not urban consumers. If D - agricultural communities as well as the urban poor.

  4. madam..for no. 41, urban poor not urban consumers too? can you tell why A wrong..?

  5. the answer of 41 is A right?the farmers but not urban consumers

  6. yeah yeah. i think the correct answer for q 41 is A

  7. y 'they do exist ' not means certainty?Q17

  8. Q.18 is B it typing error? I also think that Q.41 is A.

  9. i also pretty sure Q41 A....and for Q38..I tink D is acceptable...

  10. how abt listening??

  11. i tot kayaking can be 1 or 2 players?? i saw be4.

  12. I got many answers wrong...

  13. i think 41. is A..

  14. my mistake.. 41 is A. :P well spotted everyone!

  15. and yes... 18 is B, not C, typo :P

  16. how about the Q17?the answer not B?

  17. tr, how abt listening??

  18. Q22 the answer can be A ?cause in line 11 mentioned that ...rising female employment

  19. miss Audrey,k u pls explain the Q37?B is not acceptable?

  20. q42 can be C ??..bc on paragraph 8..

  21. so sad i got many answer wrong
    less than 20 correct

  22. the answers are for sure ? how many question have not for sure ?

  23. teacher, no 9 can be C, not stated right? Since it never mention about the income.

  24. sorry , can i share the answer with my other friends ma ? i get this website from a friend =)

  25. mdm audrey ,the answer for no.9 is c right??

  26. i wanna ask something, if i got 30 over 45 rights, how it can be calculated , make it over 120 (the reading grade) pliz tell me ASAP

  27. 30 times with 120 and divide by 45...i

  28. 9. B: no mention of Starbucks loss of revenue/income, paragraph 2 indicates Starbucks experienced has watered down but didn't mention income.

    no mention = not stated??
    isnt C??

  29. i think Q.17 answer is B

  30. Q.36 is't A?cause paragraph 5 has said that make user unable to frown...and why Q.37 not B?in the last paragraph,"At least before Botox"..Right??

  31. madam, im so scared, i only scored 27,,
    can i manage to get band 4??

  32. Hi Mdm Audrey.
    Thanks for the effort in providing the answers!
    I agree with almost all the answers provided, am just hoping to know your point of view for question 9 and 43. For question 9, if the loss of avenue is not mentioned, isn't it should be not stated? For question 43, just wondering whether D will be reasonable as well. ^^ If I get both questions wrong as well,I have scored 38/45...Once again, thanks! -- love-english

  33. From the answers given, I got 36/45. I guess there's absolutely no hope for me to get band 6 because I did my essay quite badly (the worst essay I've ever written in my entire life not to mention) :'(

  34. if the answer is completely correct,then i got 29 ..anyway ..thx for the answers :)

  35. nice to see the ongoing debate... your answers might be right and mine could be wrong. it's good to keep discussing here as no one is perfect... when you get your results, compare it to mpm's and let me know the difference. for example if you scored 32/45 here but got 30/45 then i know that i hv 2 answers incorrect which means i got 43/45 which is my average. :P anyway, if you understand what i just wrote, then dont forget to let me know your real results. :P

  36. How to calculate reading mark?
    if i got 24=?

  37. how abt listening mdm??

  38. Thanks for d tips on reading and listening, Audrey...
    however, i've not done very well for both dis paper due examiner's mistake..:( i really can't believe until now what had happened during my exam..

  39. I agree with the other anonymous on answer for questions 9, 36 and 37.

    - Question 9. It is not mentioned there whether the rapid expansion of Starbucks lead to the loss of revenue. Thus, the supposed answer is 'C -not stated'.

    - Question 36. Supposed answer is 'A - relieve the user's depression' because it is not stated and it is impossible for Botox to cure depression an emotion which involves mechanical reaction/changes not physical(Botox). Then, Botox DOES make the user unable to frown. Lines 5-7, "paralysing the frown muscles that are ordinarily are engaged, Botox short-circuits the emotion itself" and lines 13-15, "Botox..paralysed ..corrugator muscles, which cause the forehead to constrict into a frown".

    - Question 37. In my opinion, the answer is 'B- Botox disrupts our thoughts and emotions'. This is based on the last paragraph lines 57-58. " no mere bystander in our thoughts and emotions. At least before Botox" which means that before that, body is wholly involved but after that, not as much AND it only sounds right if the writer conclude his or her writings by stating his opinion on the main subject which is clearly 'Botox'. Not about body, mind and feeling.

  40. thx for the answer,...................
    i just got the minimum marks 2 get band 3.......
    if i completely trust on ur answer.

  41. ANSWER for 38. supposed to be D..its stated at paragraph 1..

  42. "madam, im so scared, i only scored 27,,
    can i manage to get band 4??"
    ya, u exactly scored band 4 with the minimum marks.

  43. i managed to get 36 according to your answers. but i'm thinking there's a few there that my answers are correct so i'm really hoping for maybe 38. thanks ms. audrey! that's a mid-band 5 for reading.

    the thing i'm worried the most now is my writing paper because i lost ALL 20 marks from my listening paper due to my own HORRIBLE mistake. so i'm betting all my scores on my writing paper to allow me to get hopefully a band 4. but is that possible ms. audrey? i'm especially worried now since i only found out about the 200 word mark for Q1 and i only had about 400 words for Q2. at this point i'll probably only get a band 3. am i right? TT^TT

  44. SORRY input on listening because i dont hv access to the questions or the audio cd. keep you fingers cross on this

  45. ty.. i already get 31 according to your answer.. but i agree with other anonymous in Q 9, 22, 37.. but i hope i right in that questions.

  46. wow, i've got 41 outta 45 for my reading paper! Hooraaaayyyy! Thanks ms.Audrey =)

  47. I got 31/45 based on the answers here. But the actual result for my reading paper is 33/45 which means 88 marks. Hope this helps. Thanks for the tips Ms. Audrey. Really glad that i got a band 5 after reading your blog 2 days before the written paper, especially the format for writing.

  48. i'm taking MUET in a university, so most of us, meaning my friends and I don't have any sample questions. The tips for the writing test are Awesome by the way, but I would really appreciate it if you would be so kind as to post up the question paper for the reading test as well so that I can try it out. PLease? thanks a lot.

  49. Can anyone upload the reading paper for muet year end 2011? Couldn't find it anywhere. Just for the sake of drilling it. Thanks =)

  50. Dear Teacher Audrey,
    Sorry for asking. Can I get the copy of MUET Year End 2011 Reading 800/3 ? Please pleasure to email me at

  51. Hi can you please email me the year end 2011 reading question? This is my email . Thank you so much for the help :)

  52. Dear teacher Audrey ,
    Can you please email me the year end 2011 reading question ? Here my email . Thank you

  53. can you give me this reading question paper teacher?