Sunday, November 13, 2011

Guest Lectured at University Tun Hussien Onn Malaysia, Batu Pahat, Johor 12/11/11

Look what I got!!! :P

I'd like to record my sincerest thanks and gratitude to the CARE Alumni (pic above)of Uni Tun Hussien Onn Malaysia (UTHMas) for organising and making my trip to Batu Pahat for a Pecutan Akhir MUET Seminar one to remember. Thank you to Engr. Ahmad Zulfadli Jusoh (Pen. Pendaftar CARE) and Mahfuzah Hj Abd Salam for hosting such a meaningful event for the benefit of all the MUET candidates who showed real commitment to attend my workshop. I hadn't been to Batu Pahat since about 15 years ago, and it remains in my mind as a very nice place with great people. The course was a 3 slot x 2hr each intensive workshop covering Grammar Formulae, Listening, Reading and Writing skills for MUET using current past year exam questions and my personal exam guidelines.

Was very pleased to be able to pen my signature on all the participants' certs. Tq for this opportunity. :P

Here's a group pic (sorry it's not clear) of students from matric, diploma, degree and even masters... some are also outsiders, all of whom hv one common goal, to improve their MUET knowledge and be able to obtain Band 3 or higher. You are all in my prayers for this 19th Nov when the actual exam will be held.

Rise n shine early in the morning in front of my VVIP accommodation. Tq for the lavish treatment UTHM. :P

My participants... :P

Thanks for your avid attention.
Two very enthusiastic teachers from a secondary school in BP.. Mdm Chow and Mdm Ellis Ria.. tq for your participation. Keep in touch!
Another pic of my accommodation... with Ms Emiliana (hope i spelt it right) as my companion throughout my stay... nice meeting you, Emi!
The huge tv kept me company on 11.11.11 with the live telecast of the opening of Sea Games 2011 in Indonesia. :P

My room... huge!

Last but not least, one cant go to BP without trying the famous Mee Bandung in their famous Parits (there were so many parits!hehe) and I even brought back some rempah bandung to share with others. :P Anyway, I was so impressed with the amazing hospitality of UTHM organisers.. tq tq tq so much for sending me all the way (4hrs each way) to KL in the Alumni's Exora... and I really hope that we will meet again, Zul, Mahfuzah and the rest... may you all pass in the coming MUET exam. God bless!


  1. excuse me...madam Audrey,may I ask something?MUET will influence our chances to enter University?

  2. yes... but if you fail... (did not get the minimum band usually band 3 for arts students and band 4 for science students) you may still get into uni but you will have to take intensive english for 2-3 more years. you are still required to pass muet or you will not be able to grad with your friends.