Wednesday, March 6, 2013

MUET eBook

Recently an acquaintance named Shamsul Ariffin and I were in collaboration to design a MUET eBook that would help students across Malaysia to pass MUET. A lot of the notes he compiled about the secret to passing MUET originates from me as I don't mind helping candidates out since that is indeed the objective of my blog.

Anyway, those who have attended my MUET seminars will know that I almost always mix languages @ code switch (using BM & English) because once again, my objective is to help the Bands 1 & 2 pass with at least Band 3. Therefore allow me to continue here with some BM.

Para calon sekalian, 

Jika anda benar-benar sukar mempelajari BI untuk menghadapi MUET, saya sarankan supaya anda belilah eBook MUET ini yang ditulis dalam BM dengan contoh-contoh jawapan dalam BI supaya anda dapat mempelajari tip-tip MUET secara cepat dan tepat. eBook ini sagat komprehensif dan dapat menggambarkan situasi sebenar MUET agar anda lebih yakin untuk menghadapi peperiksaan in. 

Here's a brief summary of the book by its main author, Shamsul Ariffin:

Pakej Lengkap Rahsia Lulus MUET eBook is specially designed for students preparing for the Malaysian University English Test (MUET), a compulsory university entrance English test for all candidates seeking to enter local universities. This eBook would be a particularly helpful tool for students who wish to achieve Band 4 and above.

The purpose for this eBook is to help students master the skills required to excel in the MUET using a step-by-step approach. Each skill and the relevant sub-skills required to do well in MUET are given thorough and comprehensive coverage so that students will be able to follow and digest the information easily. This eBook is also useful for students who want to reinforce their English language skills in Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing.

Pakej Lengkap Rahsia Lulus MUET eBook is a well-organised book that is suitable for both independent self-study, as well as for classroom use. It is our opinion that this eBook will give students an excellent foundation to master the language skills for them to succeed in MUET.

Anyway, pls click on the THIS LINK to find out more about this extremely useful MUET e-Book. 

Happy studying and good luck for this 9th March 2013... may the force be with you! 


  1. Hi, do you mind to share the sample answer for reading(March 2013)?

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