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Nov 2012 MUET Report Writing question sample answer


Have you tried out the Nov report writing question? Here's my sample. 

Comparison of Quality of Facilities in 3 Colleges 

The stimuli present two tables, Table 1 on 'Rating of College Facilities' while Table 2 is on 'Fees, Scholarships and Numbers of Registered Students'. In general, institutions that charge higher fees tend to provide better facilities regardless of number of registered students and scholarships offered.

According to both tables, College C which collects the highest fees per semester (RM10,000) scored the highest ratings in all facilities except sports centre and food court.  It still managed to attract 5500 registered students although the number of scholarships offered were extremely low (10 only).

College A charges reasonable fees of RM6000 per semester and has the highest record of registered students (7000). It also has relatively good rating especially scoring top marks in providing wireless connection, food court and banking facilities. Another pull factor is that it offers the highest number of scholarships (500).

Meanwhile, students of College B rated its institution's facilities as mostly average to poor with only the sports centre achieving a good rating. The co-curricular centre, food court and transport received the lowest ratings. Although 100 scholarships are offered, this college enrolled the lowest number of registered students (1000).

In conclusion, the higher the school fees, the better the facilities provided.

Submitted by Blogwalker Josephine Wong... Great effort! I would give this quite a high band although she could have included a title and bit more data from the list of facilities. ANY MUET EXAMINERS WOULD LIKE TO GRADE THIS PIECE AND TELL US HOW MANY MARKS OUT OF 40 THIS STUDENT WOULD GET? (YOU CAN LEAVE ANONYMOUS COMMENTS U KNOW... :) 

Table 1 shows the rating of facilities at 3 colleges while Table 2 show their fees, scholarships and enrolment.
Generally, the visuals indicate that the higher the fees, the better the facilities and vice versa but this pattern has no bearing on the enrolment or scholarships offered.

College C is rated a high-end college with very good facilities (8 out of 10 facilities rated good). Its fees are very expensive (RM 10,000 per sem.) but the survey results show its enrolment is only moderate at 5,500 students. The college only awards 10 scholarships per year.

College B however, is a low-end college charging low fees ( RM4000 per sem.)  Its facilities are correspondingly rated average to poor and its enrolment is low (1000 students only). 

By comparison, College A is the most sought-after college (7000 students) with average to good facilities (all facilities rated as average and above) charging reasonable fees (RM6000 per sem). It also offers the highest no. of  scholarships (500).

To conclude, students are attracted to colleges that charge not-so-expensive fees but provide reasonably good facilities and has good scholarship offers.

So... what do you think? I'm imploring MUET writing examiners to please help us out by grading our samples... I'm just a teacher and have never claimed to be an expert in marking. So pleasssseee leave a comment for the benefit of all the MUET candidates out there... :) 


  1. Teacher, I'm not sure how min is so I'll post it here^^. Please do comment on the mistakes!!

    Comparison of Quality of Facilities.

    The stimuli present two tables, Table 1 on 'Rating of College Facilities', and Table 2 on 'Fees, Scholarships and Number of Registered Students'. In general, college with above par facilities tend to charge higher semester fees regardless the number of registered students and scholarships handed out.

    According to both tables, it is utterly safe to conclude that, the fees charged per semester is greatly influenced by the results of the ratings of college facilities. Based on Table 1, College C attained the best results on college facilities ratings with an impressive 8/10 'good' ratings, charges the priciest fees per semester at a jaw-dropping RM 10,000 and hands out the least number of scholarships at just a mere 10. On the contrary, College B produced the worst results with 3 'poor' ratings based on the institution's facilities and offers the cheapest semester fees at a low RM 4,000. However, College A which garnered a majority 7/10 'average' ratings surprisingly turned out to be the most sought after college with a staggering 7000 registered students in the institution itself and even hands out the most number of scholarships per annum that is, 500!

    In conclusion, the fees per semester is largely influenced by the conditions of the college facilities, whereby the college with below par facillity ratings charges a lower fee and vice versa.

    Teacher, can I just select a few information like I did in the above? Like how I didn't include all the 3 info(fees, scholarship and no.) for all 3 colleges. Is it fine if I just compared College B and College C without including College A? I was informed that we need to be SELECTIVE. Could you kindly explain the 'meaning' of selective? Like , what do you mean by that, etc. Thanks, and please reply ASAP!

    1. I could be wrong but your style of writing is too 'sensational' and that for reports perhaps it is not advisable to use exclamation marks, and informal phrases like 'utterly', 'jaw dropping' and 'surprising'y'. There is also a flaw in your logic as you mentioned that fees charged is greatly influenced by the results of the ratings of college facilities. To me, this is a flawed claim as I think it is the other way round, as in the ratings are high (good facilities provided) as a result of the high fees charged.

      I agree u must be selective. It means choosing the 'key features' as opposed to listing all the features you see. So be selective and choose the MOST OUTSTANDING features to include.

      Anyway, good try.. band 4 or 5. Good luck for the real exam this saturday!

  2. Thanks teacher!! I'll work harder! Oh teacher, one more thing. In the listening test, there is one segment in the paper ( PART 2)where it requires us to complete the sentences with options A-F. My question is, do we just write the letters itself( A-F) or write the answer represented by the letters( A.donkey,,,etc.)Thanks alot, Teacher! I find your blog very interesting and helpful(LOTS OF EXERCISES!) :)

    1. just write the corresponding letter, no need to copy the phrases.

  3. hi teacher, how many mark will be deducted if there is no title for the report (writing question 1)?

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  5. Teacher, if you don't mind, can I get your email please ?

  6. Teacher, may I know how many marks will be deducted in muet writing - section A if students wrote over the limit of words given?? Mayb a round 250++ words...

  7. Thank you so much for such effort by Cikgu Audrey.