Friday, July 4, 2014

July MUET Writing 800/4 paper


I have just taken a look at the exam paper for writing and the report looks fine but the essay... OMG.. the essay is a KILLER!!! Even I am having a hard time trying to think of valid points... my poor students...

"The imbalance between the number of boys and girls pursuing university education creates social problems." To what extent is this statement true? Discuss. You should write at least 350 words.

Step 1: Understand keywords and brainstorm
Imbalance: more girls now in uni compared to boys
creates: causes
social problems: problems related to society such as ???
Stand?? Do you agree or disagree as to what extent is this statement true?

OMG... I can foresee the quality of MUET results for this session plummeting to an all time low. Sighs...

THE PROBLEM as usual is that students will immediately jump into describing the advantages or disadvantages of an imbalanced gender scenario. THE PROBLEM is also that they will describe POSITIVE EFFECTS.
If you did any of this WITHOUT LINKING TO SOCIAL PROBLEMS... then you have NOT FULFILLED THE TASK, ie you have gone out of topic. Boohoohoo.. judging form the comments below, I can see that most of you have only touched the surface of the issue.

Right, how should this question be tackled.
A simple way would be to totally agree or totally disagree (5 paragraphs minimum).
A high band essay would agree/disagree to a certain extent and try to discuss both pros and cons.

If you were to completely AGREE that the statement is TRUE, here are my suggested stand and points. 
Stand: Completely agree that some social problems can be attributed to the imbalance of genders in university.
1. gives rise to the LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transsexuals) trend which is a serious social problem although there seems to be not much concrete evidence to support this stand. 
2. minority gender would feel oppressed or discriminated which leads to social problems like depression, eating disorders, obesity, alcoholism, drug abuse or even suicide.
3. upon graduation, the influx of graduates of a certain gender may create an imbalanced workforce that may lead to social problems like inequality, unemployment in the short term and poverty in the long term. 

If you were to completely DISAGREE that the statement is TRUE, here are my suggested stand and points.
Social problems cannot be directly linked to the imbalance of boys and girls pursuing a university education as there are a number of other external factors.
1. Imbalance cannot be directly linked to social problems like free sex, baby dumping and abortion as these problems happen in society regardless of the balance or imbalance of gender composition, therefore, social problems are not gender specific.
2. Rather than create social problems, more female uni students than males leads to the empowerment of women and recognising them for their abilities therefore breaking stereotypes and creating more women leaders in entrepreneurial and management positions. 
3. Rather than create social problems, more male uni students than females leads to the increase of skilled manpower, increased opportunity for innovation and creative thinking in a predominantly patriarchal society.

As mentioned earlier, if you want to get a high band, you should be able to discuss both sides while justifying to which side you are leaning more towards. If I were a candidate, I would definitely first agree with the statement to some extent before leaning more towards DISAGREE with the statement. Hope this makes sense.

Before I end my post, I'd like to say that even for me it took some time to generate these ideas so this clearly indicates that this July writing paper is indeed extremely challenging. The only silver lining I can share with you is that they MIGHT, just might, lower the bell graph down so that the marks can be adjusted accordingly. All you can do is keep your fingers crossed!!!

Now who would like to submit a sample essay?? Good luck!


  1. i think i am out of topic, because i did not agree the statement. i did not mention girl in uni is more than boys, but i write even higher education people also will involved in social problems. and i also mention that education is not only the reason caused uni students create social problems.

    1. hm.. in my most humble opinion, the topic given just say that the number of uni students is "imbalance", but didn't say which is more or which is less. So... i think you did correctly... (i'm not sure if i did it correctly or not..)

    2. yes it is true that they did not say imbalanced as in more girl or more boys. so yes you can argue any which way. however, if you are well read you will know that the current concern is that there are more girls in uni than boys. it would show your level of maturity if you expound on this fact.

  2. I have stated that I am strongly disagree because:

    1) this will lead to a healthy competition as boys may want to be better than girls which is the majority.

    2) we can have a better surrounding as boys will learn to be as fussy as girls too. Eg: jot down the notes during lecture (as boys are less fussy and rather just hear than jotting them down when compared to girls).

    3) develop a better leadership because boys are known to have a good leader's characteristic even though they are minority and this will make girls to learn to be a better leader too.

    I'm afraid that I am out of the topic and if not, my points may be over generalize/ not related/ not critical thinking enough. So what do you think Madam? Your reply is much appreciated as I really want to know about it. Tq so much Madam! Have a great day.

    1. sorry to say that all you are doing here is talking about advantages. did you link with social problems? if you didnt link to social problems then you have not really fulfilled the task. however, you will still get marks for language.

    2. now, i hearing teacher teaching this topic... it so difficult.

  3. It was hard question indeed!i gave both pros n cons of my thoughts before i concluded my essay.Totally out of topic !:((

  4. In the past, there is never a question that is as hard as this one.. WHY............. MUET no fair...

  5. i think i need to prepare RM101

  6. just taken it at majakir today.. all in my head on that question are just like.... wuuuuttttt.. whuuutttt... whuuuttttt iz diissssss.. create social problem? why gawd why

  7. I'm really afraid that I might out of topic. Hmmm. I agree with the statement given hence I discuss about the factors on why the imbalance ..... can lead to social problems. 3 factors. Huarghhhh. I hope my answers will be acceptable by the examiners. I dont want to repeat MUET again for the 3rd time. My 2nd attempt forJuly session totally end forever!

  8. I just write 2 points.. I am so dead this time.

  9. 1st point i mentioned about what happen in India recently and said that girl can change its future, 2nd was that male can have more time stay at home because high educated female can earn aduquet income, 3rd was the pressure from rival can cause female to consume alcohol some some like it acceptable?

    1. did you link your point to social problems? that's the key!

  10. I think I wrote something strange :/. I agreed with the statement but I believed there were also few factors can create social problems. Therefore I wrote the other two factors other than the given one. zzz

  11. Miss Audrey, can i read the question requirement like this?
    if agree, write about the imbalance... cause what social problem...
    if disagree, write about the other factor cause social problem...
    i wrote about disagree.... is it out of topic?

    1. Oh I did the same thing with you bro.

    2. yes.. as long as u meticulously linked to social problems

  12. Ermmmm.....
    I agree...and i almost wrote about the effect...
    1-more boys than girls cause competition like fighting for girls between boys...
    2-cause sosial problem like LGBT (Lesbian Gay Bisexual Trangender)
    3-cause unemployment rate increase. Bcoz opportunity for boys decrease due to many girls with university certification will be intake first...

    am I right..... TT.TT ?????

    1. congrats.. so far u have the best comment/response/possible answers! hahah.. kudos! LGBT indeed!

    2. Thanks. ..Miss Audrey
      . but my essay was not fluently.... I spent too many time on think for idea...and at last lack of time....
      LGBT is the idea I get from Pemgajian Am subject in semester 2 Stpm...

  13. I agree situation for imbalancing...and i almost wrote about the effect...
    1. discrimination in society...
    2.cause unemployment rate increase. Bcoz opportunity for boys decrease due to many girls with university certification, and most of profesional body hired the ppl who are degree or master holders unemployment rate for boys increase
    3. Criminal case increase due to unemployment rate increase, bcoz most of the criminal case is done by boys
    4. No marriage rate increase, bcoz girls have the power to control and select the boy who are fulfill their requirements.
    Am I right, Miss Audrey?

  14. Ok..generally, the points that i had given was
    1. Imbalance causes competition among the students.
    2.equal opportunity for girls to enrol technical courses which normally conquered by the boys.Likewise, boys might as well enrol culinary courses conquered by girls.
    3.In later working life,if more girls graduates the changes are they will hold professional or higher position like CEO which normally hold by the boys.

    I also mentioned that if girls/ boys are more in the uni, the left out numbers of genders who dont have the chances to pursue their studies might ended up into prostitution, theft and worst case murder.

    As a conclusion, i mentioned that government should set a standard quota to balance up the enrolment and build up more universities to accommodate the fresh school leavers who get good results. i sound out of topic?help!! :((

  15. my point are talk about the communication between boys and girls such as they dun noe how to work and respect each other.

    second point is talk about they will compare with each other coz thy want be the best.

    last point is talk about the emotional control such as girls will become ego and dun noe control their emotional. coz they think thy are the best.

    Am i right?? i 4gt write down agree or disagree!! how??

  16. Does MUET have a bell graph? I don't think there is a graph. It's similar to IELTS.

  17. I agree because u student cannot cope with u oife and mix with x company and lead 2 social proboem
    I disagree because they might have their own choice and they have things 2 do hence x time 2 create social problem & even a u student create social problem ,so x mean that x u student eill create problem (i use the sex blogger alvivi and spm 17a1sstudent nur amalina che bakri as my exampke 2 support my pt)
    Conclusion , i am stand on neutral pt

    Is this ok 4 me 2 write like this?

  18. Below are the points i wrote for my essay:

    First point (Agree) -
    the imbalance between the number of boys and girls in university can create social problems which is one gender can overpower the other gender. if there are more girls in universities, means there will be more girls holding degree or masters or even higher academic qualifications. girls will be the one who earns money for their families if they are married. they will be the head in a family, men will no longer be the leaders in their houses. this can make the men to feel diffident and will be deeply embedded in feelings of constantly being looked down by women, thus men cannot perform their daily tasks at the optimum level.

    Second point (Agree) -
    Imbalance between the number of boys and girls can lead to serious repercussions like the teenager's social ills. upon reaching biological maturity, both genders will start to fall in love. if there are more girls then boys in the universities, then several girls will be chasing after a single boy. this can lead them to practice pre-marital sex due to the influence of the western culture and have unwanted pregnancies.

    Third point (Disagree) -
    The imbalance between the number of boys and girls in universities will not cause any social problems as boys and girls have no distinctions where both sexes are equal. it does not matter if girls more than boys or vice versa. both genders can make great leaders too, with their very own characteristics. both genders can contribute to the society.

    can my points be accepted? thanks teacher! :)

  19. Here are my points..
    1- Students who pursue 4 university degree ought to have a sense of maturity between different genders and their peers, so they will understand the social boundary between a girl and a boy thus prevent social problems from happening.
    2- The reinforcement and the existence of current university rules, etc, separated hostel have taught uni. students to be more sensible and understand the social boundary between a girl and a boy. They will hold on to these perspective until they step foot into the society, social problems are unlikely to occur.
    3 - There is no correlation between social problems and the imbalance number of boys and girls pursuing university education. Social problems happen everyday regardless of how many boys and girls entered university.

  20. If I was assumed that more boys in U than girls, is it out of topic? I did agree with the statement and I have 2 same points with the suggested answers!
    Anyways, thanks a lot teacher

  21. I did mention this in my essay.. suicide,drug taking,pregnant before marriage..and so on..huhu but for the language, dont judge because its really really fuckin bad.. shame shame shame .. and i didnt finish my essay.. how frustrated i am :'(

  22. I agree with the points are lgbt issue arise,more househusband compare to housewives in future, segregation on sex differences to land a high position job, emotional issue as for decision making doesnt favour softer gender traditionally and lastly men will involved in social problem such as criminal act.

  23. Hi my points were:
    1. Lack of communication skills towards the opposite gender
    - might cause misinterpretations of actions etc

    2. Some occupations may be conquered by one gender
    - piloting, engineering, nursing etc
    - perception of the public on a person's capability based on their sex
    - double standards

    3. Lack of one of the genders in certain university courses
    - imbalance of genders in the specific industry when the students graduate etc

    Are these points acceptable?

  24. agree
    1. Cause bullying cases
    - more boy -> bully girl although girls are right same as more girl
    - in real life same, make oneself low self-esteem

    2. Sexual immorality happens
    - more girl affect boy concentration, got more sexual desire
    - happen raping cases, sexual immorality

    3. Imbalanced of employment
    - less boy, less contribution to heavy work
    - less girl, less contribution to society
    - 50-50 = 100% contribution

    hi my points were almost like this, will i go out of topic?

  25. i'm dead meat..what will happen to me..waaa..i don wanna repeat it again..i do agree but i elaborate on factors that cause social problem in imbalance genders..i'm afraid that my points out of topic..

  26. Miss Audrey
    I disagree with the statement.
    and i only talk about what will happen when girls more than boys in university.
    !st Point- Students can be more many boys always create scene with fighting, being noisy and others that can disturbed other student. lecturers have to settle their problems.
    2nd point: No coupling activities. they dont have many choices.can prevent adultery and baby dumping
    3rd point: less security issue. no break-in cases by males students....
    Did i went out of the topic?? o_o?

  27. hello, may I ask why this blog is on 4th of july ya??we had our test on 5th of july isn't it??><

  28. Now even I think of it I can still feel the chill. I dedicated one paragraph stating that the imbalance does not creating social problems but the lack of self-discipline will do. Then another stating how uni education creates female leader like Aung San Suu Kyi and another saying that variety of students in uni actually helps create healthy competition among boys and girls and more creative etc. I thought I was dead but the result turned out okay today.

  29. Sigh. My mark for writing component is really low and I believe it is because i did not fullfill the task for the continuous writing part. Anyway thank you so much mdm. Ive been following your post since last year and I learned a lot ^_^

  30. Mrs . Audrey..ur blog is awesome..i dunno,just got inspired with each little thing that u wrote..hope u keep updating and wish u publish a book about it..gonna buy it for sure :)

  31. Mrs. Audrey, if the question is like this ' playing computer games is beneficial foe everyone. Discuss. '

    Can't I disagree with the statement?

    1. hope mrs. audrey will reply this.. because i disagree that statement too.. :'(
      i really hope i get a positive answer..

  32. Mrs.Audrey,for the November paper writing,I had mention 3 points of its beneficials and add one more about "how,who can play the role to encourage more people to play comp game"since the word DISCUSSION is mentioned at title.I thought it is general.So,am I will get marks for that paragraph?

  33. HI, can i know why should we put our stand? The question asking us discuss only why should we put our stand? i don't get it /_\

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  35. my thesis statement is, i disagree that the imbalance number between boys and girls in university education is the factor that leads to social problems because social problems are caused by negative attitudes,negative peers influence and the temptation of hedonism. Is this main points acceptable? pls give comment

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  37. my thesis statement is, i disagree that the imbalance number between boys and girls in university education is the factor that leads to social problems because social problems are caused by negative attitudes,negative peers influence and the temptation of hedonism. Is these main points acceptable? pls give comment