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MUET Reading 800/3 July 2014 Suggested Answers

Hi.. my students took the exam so I have a copy of the reading paper.. again, I emphasise, these are just my own answers and are up for discussion.

Here goes!

1. C (no data on 'most')
2. A (2010-1 billion, 2015 - 2 billion)
3. A (It is not enough to concentrate on Gucci n Merc etc)
4. B (graph after 2010 shows a sharp increase)
5. B (spikes in near future - 2011, 2012)
6. B (affluent means rich, so the statement is false because they need to attract all levels of consumers inc. the poor)
7. C (no mention of expenditure and how many percent spent on R&D)
8. B (not the 'only' form as they also use horses and 'chiva')
9. B (not the 'main' source majority of families run subsistence farms)
10. C (no info who rears cattle or if the villagers use for own consumption)
11. C (hospitable is more appropriate than generous, because it indicates that they are being good hosts)
12. B (yes, he was confident)
13. C (definitely have to be imported and locals don't grow them, no mention of difficult to transport)
14. A (hope because if something is done, the rest of the forest could be left to grow once again)
15. A (a single reef shark can contribute almost $2 million USD)
16. A (quantified the economic benefits of shark-diving)
17. A (they bring much more money... sharks with the golden eggs which means they will bring in $$)
18. C (14% is more than 10%)
19. C (work together includes creating shark sanctuaries and ban possession, sale or distribution of shark fins)
20. A (Priceless resource because it focuses on the high economic value of sharks esp in tourism)
21. A (a solution because it lists actions taken to protect sharks)
22. A (man's capacity to alter climate is not mentioned until paragraph 4)
23. A (para 2 addresses the 'how' question, not when or why)
24. C (focus on the main point, overpopulation and industrial revolution are sub-points)
25. A (the main purpose is to describe how much man has changed the covering of the planet, up to 75%)
26. A (profound, ie, significant changes to the geology)
27. C (definitely a warning)
28. C (the writer describes the causes first then the effect to mankind if we do not replenish or use less)
29. C (use less = use sparingly, replenish is mentioned but definitely no mention of 'striking a balance')
30. B (there is a link between our intelligence and technology)
31. A (to avoid thinking things fully when there a short cut is available)
32. B (can be changed quite radically without people noticing)
33. C (minds that naturally incorporate new tools, ideas and abilities)
34. B (they would quietly divide the work up between them)
35. D (you also can rely on the people tools around us which are equally important)
36. A (enlighten is to give more information/knowledge)
37. A (I feel that the whole passage is focusing on the relationship the brain has with technology, cyborgs, change blindness and misers seem to me as sub-points only)
38. B (focus on rapid growth)
39. B (done so in a very different way from other countries. That is in large part the result of the government's historically repressive approach towards information and entertainment.)
40. D (anaphoric reference: electronic retailing is in its infancy...)
41. B (the limitation refers to the internet being so tightly controlled by govt but popularity has increased, not decreased)
42. D (by contrast, the Internet fills gaps and provides what is unavailable)
43. D (options A, B and C are clearly wrong)
44. A (regardless means if you disregard the above facts on Baidu, piracy is starting to worry the govt)
45. B (the availability of free foreign content is holding back [hamper] the development [growth] of the domestic media industry [market])

* Apparently, based on the responses of candidates, my answers r 4 questions wrong meaning i scored 41/45... as i have emphasised, these r MY own answers and even I admit that it is really tricky. A friend has come up with alternative answers, you may cross check with them here below: 
I agree with most of ur answers to the reading paper except the following: 5.A (After 2012, GDP will shrink, look at the date of the report) 9. B ( No crop is said to be the main source of income. So, it's not stated. To be false it must be said that coffee is not the main source of income, but sthg else. The statement must contradict sthg in the passage. Besides, rice and corn are also planted and that is explicitly stated for consumption - line 20. 'The vast majority of families run subsistence farms' is too vague to make the statement false.Also, the writer organised seminars on coffee plantation diseases - line 17... a hint that coffee could be a source of income for some ) 17. C (At first i thought it is A but as a whole, the para seems to mainly suggest the idea of the need to not kill the 'goose' that lays the golden eggs. The monetary and economic benefits are also stressed in paras 4, 6 and 8.) 19. A (line 47 is self-explanatory. Only Palau has made its waters a sanctuary...while te others have banned the fin trade.No clear mention of working together of the island republics) 20. C. It is a priceless resource even for its fins. But here the Palau experiment/study and therefore experience makes it more lucrative as a tourist attraction. 37. B. We are 'natural born cyborgs' and naturally incorporate tools (technology, Google etc,) ideas and abilities(mental division of work). Line 44 - 46 is just a small part of the whole theme of the passage, it is used to show how we operate as 'natural born cyborgs'). Besides, 'Technology' in 'A' is too wide. To be specific, the kind of technology referred to here is limited to online tools, lines 2-4). And yes 42 is D. I had thought it was B.

You will need to score:
(A)   21/45 – Band 3
(B)   27/45 – Band 4
(C)   33/45 – Band 5
(D)  39/45 – Band 6
(BTW this is just a forecast, you still need to do well in other papers to achieve your forecasted band)

Ok.. so how did you do? Good luck and you are free to leave a comment below.


  1. I scored 28/45 based on your answer. My uni requirement was a Band 4, if i did badly in my part 2 writing as well as speaking. But listening part was better. Will i still have chance to score Band 4?

  2. I got 31/45. I want to at least achieve Band 5. This is nerve wrecking. I read your latest post about the writing test. Makes me feel like crying my eyes out. :(

  3. Hi, can I have the writing question of muet 2014 July?

  4. Hi there, i got 32 out of 45 questions based on your answer, and since this topic is open for discussion, i would like to ask about 3 questions, that are, 12,25,33. First, number 12, why can't the writer be ambitious?? and, 25, the answer i did was A, because, the article uses "human" but not "Man", and since man does not equals to human, so i did for A. And, last question, 33, can you explain as of why the answer cannot be A?

    P.S. do you mind giving us an sample Points of the writing component, and also a whole sample essay? i'm sure many of us is looking forward to it. :)

    1. first Q33, the passage (paragraph 4, line 28) had mentioned "The philosopher Andy Clark called human "natural born cyborgs", being with minds that [naturally incorporate new tools, ideas and abilities.]" so C is the most appropriate answer.

      second Q25, yes! Man is human and human is Man. it is a general term.

      last Q12, definitely the writer is confident because he was sure he has all the answers (mentioned in the question and in the passage too)

      hope this helps


    2. thx alot, but i still dun think Man=human... /.\

    3. if you have done extensive reading, you would have notice that in many texts, the term man is referred as human, in general.

  5. some girls crying retardly outside the exam hall after the writing paper

  6. Honestly , quite a number of the answers given are pretty shady since the actual answers ( which difer from the ones given ) can actually be obtained from the passage

  7. i only got 25/45 based on your answer.. waw

  8. May I know why the answer of question 3 is A instead of C? It mentioned 'if they are to prosper" and not about survival .

  9. i think that number 2 is B
    because on the graph
    the africa on 2010
    the bar is over a bit more than 1

  10. i think profound means intense ;(

    1. depends, it could mean extensive in this context

    2. sorry, i mean significant, haha

    3. can i have ur phone number Nys Anis?? please...

  11. in my opinion, number 37 should be B because the whole passage revolve about how human work with the environment including their partners and technologies, ie (quoted from the passage) naturally incorporate new tools, ideas and abilities.

  12. 37 out of 45 questions.Tis year quite a number of questions are very subjective.It juz depends on how u tackle the question.Anyway, thank you for your effort to provide us wif a sample answer.

  13. I think you got quite a number of answers wrong lol

  14. Lots of your answers are up for a discussion in my opnion.

  15. Wanna discuss - Question 10: My answer is B"False" as mentioned in the text - line 7 "cattle-pasture", and paragraph 3, line 19 - 20 "raised their own food from chicken to pigs". So, it is a bit confuse.

    Question 13: A - imported as mentioned line 23 - the vegetables were imported,
    B - difficult to grow ...had consistent running water, electricity....line 24
    c- difficult to transport - a modified and jam-packed pickup truck....
    so, i m x sure which is the best answer....

  16. i got 22....should i get band 3...?

  17. hi, can i get softcopy about the question reading paper? My e-mail is tq

  18. yesterday result come out. anybody got 45/45 in reading real muet exam? that's mean 120 marks..

  19. who got the highest score in muet exam? in malaysia?? overall band 6? 2xx marks??

    1. actually 10 to 20 candidates from 80,000 candidates managed to achieve band 6. every year also like that since 2000. maybe around 260-270 marks they got. it is impossible to reach more than 270 in real muet exam. achieve A+ in SPM does not mean you can get Band 6 MUET easily. writing and speaking is very subjective part. but it is possible to anyone may achieve 45/45 in listening and 120/120 in reading. but the possibilities is 1 to 80,000.

  20. hi, can i get softcopy about the July 2014 question reading paper? My e-mail is tq

  21. Correction is 88 over 120.Which is a pretty huge difference and can push up my band. Hope to hear from you soon.

  22. anyone got more than 100 in reading?

    1. only 10 people achieve band 6 muet in malaysia. I believe that not so many achieve more than 100/120 in reading.

  23. do you have a softcopy ? if you do, can you email it to me ? this is my email :
    i wanna do some revision before sitting this exam. thx

  24. thank you Ms Audrey Wiles for all your tips and advice. It is very valuable and useful for me before i sit to my muet exam. I am really really appreciate for all your kindness and the share. I wish you very good luck and have a good fortune for all entire your life.
    Thank You. -
    Raizat Akhmal

  25. hi, can i get softcopy about the July 2014 question reading paper? My e-mail is^^

  26. hi! i really need ur help...can i get softcopy about reading paper question july 2014...
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  27. hi! i really need ur help...can i get softcopy about reading paper question july 2014...
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    Thank you...

  28. I want that reading paper question July 2014 too!
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  29. Can i get the answers for the MUET reading 800/4 that held on Nov? thanks for the prompt uploads.

  30. Ya....miss cn i get the answer too....please

  31. Miss cn u give muet reading 2014 answer? I really need your help as im having lack of confidence in this papwr and i hope you will reply the answer as soon as possible ...sorry for the trouble n thank i...

  32. Hi, I just had the November 2014 reading paper yesterday. I would like to ask if miss can kindly post the answer for this paper as soon as possible. Thank you very much. .

  33. Can I get july 2014 muet listening answer ??

  34. Hi can you please email me the july 2014 reading question? This is my email . Thank you so much for the help :)


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