Tuesday, July 1, 2014

MUET July 2014 Preparation

So MUET exams are around the corner again.. 3 days left to be specific as I write this.

I keep getting emails asking for spot question. & I keep telling ppl that I dont have any spot questions. I am as clueless as every candidate so please stop asking k! Haha..

However, for practice, try this question BEFORE you look at my sample answer.

Financial management should be taught in school. Discuss. Write at least 350 words. 

Step 1: Identify the controlling idea in the question 
A subject about how to manage your finances SHOULD be taught in school. 
Therefore, I need to write about 'WHY' the Ministry of Education must introduce this subject in schools. 
I MUST NOT go out of topic by writing about the 'ADVANTAGES & DISADVANTAGES' of financial management. 
Instead, I MUST link all my points directly to the reasons for starting this new subject in school. 

Step 2: Brainstorm your stand, thesis statement and 3 main points (minimum 3) 
Stand: I completely agree that this subject must be introduced in school because students need to learn how to manage their finances properly to increase their investments and avoid bankruptcy. 
Thesis Statement: 
Let us analyse this issue in terms of 
1. inculcating good financial management from a young age,
2. reducing individual financial crises and 
3. creating an economic savvy society.

Here is a sample essay submitted by a blogwalker Jihan by email. What band do you think she should get? 

         There’s a saying that says, money makes the world go round. Hate to point out the obvious, but it is true. In this new era, money is what it takes for the society to keep on surviving, well, except for having happiness and religion etc, but that is beside the point. The point here is that, the world is a competition and we need to educate ourselves, from young, on how to keep our financial balance on stable platform.  Thus, the Education Ministry should take note on some of the reasons why they financial education should be taught at school, namely, instilling a good financial management from a young age, reducing individual financial crises in the future and creating an economic savvy society. 
         I do agree that parents should carry a bigger role in teaching their children on things such as saving money and not spend on unnecessary things, but it is also the government’s role in further educating on the theories of having good financial management. It is vital as it actually prepares the future generation to be more aware of the harsh reality. Moreover, when we give them an education on managing their finances, it will help them in the future in terms of having the cash for further to secondary or tertiary education. Therefore, for the betterment of the future generation, is it ideal to educate them at school about having a good financial management. 
        Day in, day out, we see news on young adults has gone into bankruptcy. At the start of their young life, they have negative balance in their bank account and still owing. Having rents to pay, bills to settle, mouth to feed, etc, bankruptcy would be the last thing anyone could ever want. This is an issue we would not want our generations to have. A way to avoid this is by training them from small the benefits of saving and managing their money because at the end of the day, they will be the one who is going to enjoy that. By doing this, it will therefore reduce individual financial crises and simultaneously creating a happy living condition. 
Creating an economic savvy society does not mean society that gets involved in stock market, investment or the index. But it is a society that is capable to support their respective families and still have enough money for the future and also is able to give back to society and do well.  It also means that the society is able to comprehend and understand on the nation’s current economic background. By grasping the financial knowledge, it leads to a society that does not spend unnecessarily and therefore developing a better country.  Thus, the significance of educating young children on financial is obvious as it would benefit the advancement of the country.
        To conclude, before understanding the whole concept of financial management, it is a good idea for us to come hand in hand and educate the younger generations on having savings and such. The need to introduce these types of knowledge to them not only will widen their mind but also teach them to be prepared for the unknown future. It is hoped that the Ministry of Education take this proposal to action in order to foster a broader minded generation that will be the pride and forefront of the nation.

How can we improve on this essay? Better and more specific examples? More sequence connectors or linkers to make it flow better? 

Anyone else wants to send me a sample essay? 

Good luck!!! 


  1. Madam for muet nov 2014 u dont hve spot qs ?

  2. Excellent and mature idea, thnk you ��