Wednesday, October 26, 2011

MUET 2011.. Budget 2012 & how to incorporate it in your essays.

A requirement for the MUET writing paper is to show critical thinking skills in task fulfillment. This means that a candidate has to have a good grasp of local and international knowledge and know how to link it to the question in a critical and mature manner.

Here's Budget 2012 at a glance:

So what aspects of Budget 2012 can be incorporated in your essays? Follow my lead below and add your comments here. I will copy and paste to my blog post so that the lists will hopefully get longer and longer.

1. Sports
1 District 1 Futsal Court. This allocation is aimed at improving the general health of Malaysians by encouraging physical activities that are good for fitness, competitiveness and improving social skills among all Malaysians.

2. Education

Free primary & secondary school education, RM100 for schoolgoing children and RM200 book vouchers for tertiary education students, RM5000 for Masters & RM500 for PhDs demonstrate the Government's seriousness in raising the level of education and emphasising the importance of a solid education background in its aspiration to achieve developed nation status by Vision 2020.

3. Women
Women will be empowered with more skills and business opportunities in order to strenghten their position in the economy and to increase their productivity for the benefit of the nation. More training programs tailored especially for women will be carried out through Budget 2012.

Using the links above, try to write your own versions of the above and I will copy and paste to this blogpost. :P

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