Monday, October 3, 2011


the above is a link to my archive on sample scripts...

anyway, to get your speaking juices going, here are my top tips.

1. Dress well. Smart and neat.
2. Don't forget your IC and slip.
3. Memorise the list of words/phrases that are useful for tasks A & B.
4. When you enter the quarantine room, decide who in your group will start the group discussion and who will end. The one who concludes my start making a conclusion on the 9th minute so pay close attention to your own watch.
5. You will be given one minute to read the question. After that you can ask anything you want. You MUST ask something even if you think you understand because the examiner will try to give you more ideas and you can HEAR the words being spoken so you can adjust your pronunciation.
6. Always smile and look confident even though you feel like a lump of nerves.
7. Divide the blank paper given into 4 quadrants for A, B, C & D. Write your 3 points in your section. Always give 3 main points with reasons and real examples. If you cant describe all 3 points and u have no conclusion, don't panic. NO MARKS WILL BE DEDUCTED. All you have to do is to speak continously for 2 minutes and give as much elaboration as possible. Think of mature ideas. Think of what the individual can do, then what society can do and finally how the government can address the issue if this is relevant to your question.
8. Take notes in the remaining 3 quadrants when your fellow candidates are speaking. You can 'borrow' their ideas for task B.
9. Use the 2 mins prep time for task B to rank your opinions. Which is more important? Example, D, A , C then B is the last choice. Give reasons why A, C & B are NOT THE BEST.
10. Fight (politely) for a chance to speak during the discussion by interrupting in a gentlemanly way. (may i interrupt, can i add something pls.., sorry to intterupt but, pardon me but...etc). However, do not be a control freak and talk too much. On the other hand, do not be a mouse without a voice. Equal opportunity for all to speak and you will get bonus marks for teamwork. If you friend runs out of ideas or forgets a word, offer your opinion. This is what a good discussion is about, sharing ideas and thoughts.
11. When you are blank just 1) repeat what your friends have just said. OR 2) tell your friends you didn't understand their point and could they please repeat it. NEVER be silent for a long time. 3) Just ask the next person what they think instead.
12. If there is plenty of time left, and you have already come to a decision, ask the others their opinion on why the other points ARE NOT SUITABLE. (Why dont we consider candidate A's point? Why do you think it isnt suitable? etc)
13. If your group manages to do a conclusion within 10 minutes, it will be a better discussion. 4/4: we all agree that.. 3/4 most of us agree tha... 2/4 some of use agree that... while others think that... 0/4 NONE of us agree that...
14. If your group DID NOT MANAGE to make a conclusion, dont panic. NO MARKS WILL BE DEDUCTED. In real life, not all conversations have a conclusion.
15. Smile politely and thank the examiners before you leave.

Ok... my next post will be some sample questions from past years. Here is one below for you to practice.

Task A: What makes a good leader?

Candidate A: Knowledgeable
Candidate B: Disciplined
Candidate C: Trustworthy
Candidate D: Visionary

Task B: Which is the most important quality of a good leader?


  1. Hi, do u have any suggestion or prediction bout what kind on topics would be ask in speaking test on this year-end MUET session?

  2. During task B , may i take note when another candidates are speaking?

  3. Hi, I don't have my IC as my purse had been stolen a few days ago. Am I barred from taking the examination? Or do I need to bring any supporting documents? Please help, I honestly don't know what to do. TQ.

  4. chuen.. of course u can
    shazana.. just bring yuor police report

    good luck!!!

  5. thank you so much.your entry help me lot! :)

  6. I have done with my muet speaking. The problem is, i made conclusion in task A before it reaches 2 minutes. Do they deducted my marks for that? But i was able to speak continuously, slow and steady.

  7. my speaking test will be on this Thursday morning. I get butterflies in my stomach. I'm just so worried what question will come out

  8. Hi, do u have any suggestion or prediction about what kind of topics would be ask in speaking test on session feb2012?

  9. i have interupt,start the discussion and make a conclusion.but i forgot to give my point of view on discussion. will my marks will deduct?