Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy CNY to all...

sorry guys.. hv been busy celebrating CNY with family and friends, so hvnt managed to check emails or blogs due to computer down in the house.. power surges problems are killing my cpu. anyway... will try to answer the comments now from the cyber cafe... pity pity...

as for when I'll be in UTHM.. I really dont know, it depends if they invite me again or not. basically this time if i go i will require each person to bring a sample of their essays and we will do a writing workshop because that is the area that i can help you the most. cheers.

catch up later k!


  1. plz come to UTHM..we all need u..need ur support and sharing tips with u..plz come agains

  2. if u come to do i know? how to contact u...