Saturday, January 14, 2012

Need help...

Hi guys.. I know I'm not very tech savvy.. but does anyone know how I can upload a microsoft document (with edited comment) onto the net? I looked into google docs but it means I have to retype everything including adding new comment boxes. How can I share this essay in the simplest way? Hmmmmmm....

I edit quite a few MUET essays but have yet to figure out the best way to share them. Comments please...


  1. You may use for all type of files or for Powerpoint presentation.

  2. tq you're a great help nemolovesjj

  3. i suggest :) it can be use for both word and powerpoint but it needs password to log into it to download the files, my English lecturer used it and share with us the password. quite efficient actually :)

  4. excuse me, teacher, i feel that i m taking muet exam on march, is it suitable for me? i jus want to know which band m i? then only i can struggle for july test, is this a good choice for me to take MUET on March?

  5. please help me teacher...
    i will take exam muet on march..
    i'm so weak in english..
    i hope teacher help me in prob..

  6. Dear Miss Audrey, I would like to clarify my doubt.In listening session,how should we write our answers in question 9 and 10? Should we just write the full form of the answer or just write the alphabet based answer? As in like A,B,C,D oe E etc..?

  7. u cant take the march one if u hvnt registered yet. the next one will be in april/may

    my advice: study all the tips and sample in my archive.

    for Q9 & 10, just write the letter of the alphabet. A, B etc.

  8. Thank you Miss Audrey.

  9. how about you do as hyperlink with other link such as tq