Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Head to MPM's page for your results by 9am. But I've also known students to get their results via sms at midnight so if you're dying to know u can try in the wee hrs of the morning on the 12th.

Did you get your desired result? Did my blog help you in any way? What else would you like me to blog about regarding MUET? If you're new to MUET (many ask me for advice) I'll repeat again and again that you should trawl my whole blog archive and read up on all my tips and sample answers.

Also dont forget to let me know if my reading 800/3 answers are accurate. for the mid year answers I was 2 questions out of sync with MPM's so that makes my total 43/45 which is not bad cos even I admit that some questions are tricky.

Fingers crossed esp for all my students, seminar participants (UiTM, UTHM, various schools in Sabah) n all my blog followers. God bless you all. If you did well, good job! If you didn't, just remember that it's not how hard you fall, but how fast you get up. :P


  1. i hope number 5 or 6 will come out on my phone screen.

  2. I received mine.. Band 5.. Bittersweet feeling growing inside of me... Grateful anyway :)

  3. Excuse me,how to SMS check?

  4. Thank you very much for everything.

  5. your blog helped me a lot! tanQ :) at first, i dont know what or how muet is going to be then i came across your blog and it helped me. through your blog, i got band 4. *hoping band 5 but i didnt gave enough effort, and it was last minute study* so yeah. im grateful. thanks! keep it up!

  6. based on your reading paper answer, I only have 32 corrects.
    But I scored 101 marks in the reading part, which mean 38 corrects.

  7. ganick.. tq.. that means i am about 6 qs out of sync. :P good job.

  8. Hello Miss Audrey,
    I need your opinion. What do you think about appealing for re-checking of my MUET result?
    Below is my result:
    Listening = 41/45
    Speaking = 45/45
    Reading = 90/120
    Writing = 59/90

    Band = 5

    I feel that there is something off with my Writing result. What do you think? I am not trying to sound snobbish or anything because I am extremely grateful with my current result. However, I am a freelance writer and I write academical articles and reviews, etc. Something like this will definitely affect my credibility as a writer. I am extremely bothered by this fact. I feel that even if I had done poorly on my writing paper, it would not have been to that extreme. I am a private candidate and took no classes whatsoever prior to the exam. I'm wondering whether what I'm seeing now is due to the fact that I was not aware of a specific format, extra requirements, etc. I definitely had the basic structures and all of those when I did the paper so I'm wondering what went wrong. Please help me. I need your two cents on this. Thank you.

  9. Hi anon... I heard that they do not entertain appeals.. at the moment.. but if i'm not mistaken they will offer remarking starting this march.. i emphasise this is all hearsay as i dont hv any black and white on this.

    I do think that you might hv problems with academic writing specific to MUET as MPM seems to be quite strict when it comes to following what they consider to be the correct report writing format as well as academic essay (thesis statement, topic sentences, arguments n counter-arguments). my guess is that you didnt adhere satisfactorily to their specifications. if you replicate what you wrote in the essay you submitted during the exam and forward it to me, i can tell you if it is the format that dragged you down. were u aware that a report should be in 3 paragraphs, between 150 to 200 words n not a single word more, that the intro must be in two sentences (intro + overview) and that the key features in the body paragraph should not list but interpret and should not include assumptions, while the final paragraph must hv a single sentence summary? :P

  10. hi~ i am a student who get only band 2 ~ do you think it's work to appeal for me to get band 3?
    Test Component Maximum Score Obtained Score
    LISTENING 45 32
    SPEAKING 45 21
    READING 120 51
    WRITING 90 33

  11. Hi, thank you for the quick reply.
    At the MEC website, there is a link under appeals for remarking. I wasn't aware of this being available only from March. I will try and check.

    Anyway, regarding the format, unfortunately, I have no copy of my work :) It was last November and I have a terrible time recalling what I wrote in there. However, these should be how mine was:
    1) word count = it was definitely more, but only by 8 words. I didn't have the time to cut more words back then. I read that if the words exceed the limit, the exceeded ones will not be count.
    2) 3 para. = I am positive I followed that.
    3) Intro = I am positive I did that too.
    4) Interpret but no assumptions = I am certain I interpreted. Not so sure abt the assumptions but I'm positive I did not do any.
    5) Single sentence summary = Not so sure. I have a feeling I did two sentences.

    To sum it up, I'm wondering whether the evaluation of my paper was not mainly on my English proficiency, but on the structure as well? If that is the case, I do feel sad since I do not think I deserve to be penalised as heavily for structural errors. Thank you :)

    p/s: Just in case the rechecking is allowed, do you think I should go and give it a shot?

  12. hi... like i mentioned earlier.. i honestly think MPM does not entertain remarking at the moment. however, i've heard that they will do so starting the march exam. (dont quote me, i could be wrong) good luck!

  13. give it a shot since u hv nothing to lose, and pls promise to update me on this as i hv yet to hear from a student who successfully managed to be 'regraded'. you sound like u know a bit of the format so maybe it is your 'interpretation' of the data that went awry. i cant say for sure as i didnt mark your paper.

  14. Okay, I will give it a shot. However, the fact that you've never heard a successful regrading from your many students previously makes me slightly worried. It's not so much about the money here but I'm worried I may get downgraded instead :0 This is definitely a huge thought to contemplate for today.

    p/s: Don't worry, I won't quote you :) I think many students can find out about rechecking for themselves by going directly to the MEC website. Thank you again for your two cents.

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  16. Hi, Mdm Audrey. I emailed me you an essay which I asked you to check. Remember? :) I've also got my result.

    Listening: 41/45
    Speaking: 41/45
    Reading: 91/120
    Writing: 36/90

    Band achieved: Band 4

    I also have the same predicament as the previous person who commented. I also think I did quite well for my writing paper. I followed all the format and the advice you gave me. I just don't understand why I scored so low for my writing paper.

  17. Hello Mdm.Audrey. I hope you can reply my msg bcoz I need opinions, should I retake my MUET for the next coming soon mid year MUET test? If I retake it, I'm going to register before 19 January if I'm not mistaken. My MUET result is :

    LISTENING 45 34
    SPEAKING 45 23
    READING 120 77
    WRITING 90 42


    I know this is going to be hard but can I appeal for Band 4? Yeah, I know people have to be grateful with what they got but I'm bit disappointed with my result because I'm aiming for Band 4. People nowadays are getting competitive so I do think Band 4 and above is a must. I'm a private candidates so the payment for retaking MUET have to be costly but I really want to try achieving my aim. So, what do you think Mdm.Audrey? Do you think I can get Band 4 for retaking it based on my current result?

  18. There's a mistake Mdm Audrey. The deadline for the application to remark the paper is two weeks after the MUET results are out (12/1 to 27/1). Those who want a remark better start applying now.

  19. Thank you very much for everything.

  20. just try appealing.. u never know u might hit the jackpot... as for trying to get band 4... do u really need it? if u don't then don't bother. glad to have helped you guys.

  21. goodevening.. when u come to UTHM again..because on february will be stat exam i want to get ready.

  22. and i want to learn and followed all the format and the advice from u MDM mark on past exam low in LISTENING..:( im so sad, I just don't understand why I scored so low for my listening part..can u come UTHM again .

  23. i hope i get to go to uthm again.. but it depends on them. looking forward to helping you guys out again. cheers.

  24. hi miss,, can u help me ?
    actually i'm quite worst in my essay's grammar... could u check my term paper essay?

  25. Hello Mdm.. I've read your blog back before I took the papers and this blog helped me a lot. I never got Band 3 before, but I've exceeded to Band 4 on my final result. I feel a courtesy to make my way back here to thank you. Thanks Mdm.

    1. Hi Aryle... I do love a success story. So proud of you and very nice of u to make your way back here to tell me your good news. God bless you in your path forward, may u make the best out of life for yourself and your family. :P

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