Friday, January 13, 2012

MUET appeal procedures

Rayuan Penyemakan Semula Keputusan Ujian MUET Akhir Tahun 2011 akan dibuka mulai 12 Januari hingga 27
Januari 2012. Rayuan yang dikemukakan selepas tarikh tersebut akan ditolak.

go to the link above now if you want to submit an appeal. it costs rm70. :P a lot of money? maybe, maybe not. depends on how much you desire a second marking.


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  2. just go to mpm's website and follow the link for MUET

  3. Is it possible that they would check if there was an error in the system? Probably something like wrongly keying in the marks? I got a band 3 for my MUET and because of this I can't apply for any medic course in my upu :-( It says that I got 24/45 for my speaking, which is funny because I had done so well during my MUET preparation in my uni. Is it possible to get band 5 with those marks for speaking?

  4. I feel like my marks are switched with someone else's! :-(

  5. hi miss audrey wiles..
    i'm very grateful that i've found your site..
    because i've got many techniques and advantages for my muet..
    how to write essay,report and more..

    i take muet on mac 2012..
    i've taken for three times..and this time is the third
    would you like to share tips for speaking test?..
    i'm nervous for this test
    and this test is the lowest score than other..

    1. read my latest blog post.. cheers! good luck this time!

    2. hope i get higher than before
      pray on me..
      thank you, mss audrey
      i really appreciate it

  6. Hi,Miss Audrey Wiles.

    can i know, if appeal, the examiners is just recount the mark or remark the paper again?

    How many percent if success appeal?


    1. hi. darkevin i only know of one case of appeal.. and the person got 139. trying to get band 3 which is only one mark short (140) the appeal results showed no change. such a pity. anyway, that is the way of life. :P we hv to just accept and move on. :P

  7. Hi Miss Audrey
    I just only get 139, i wonder if i appeal. In order to try to get band 3, will it success or not? Can u give me ur professional opinion to guide me?