Sunday, July 29, 2012

MUET JULY 2102 Reading 800/3... My attempted answers... (not MPM's)

Click here for the link to Muet July Reading Paper

Try out the questions yourself first before looking at mine!! hehe

Ok guys... here's mine... but it is not conclusive. Based on feedback, I might change the answers. So get the ball rolling and leave a comment k.. :P

Reading July 2012

1. B (No, it does not answer the question 'why') *revised answer based on feedback
2. A (variety = diversity)
3. C (step up advertising to be more visible, cheaper is not mentioned)
4. A (eg. tobacco)
5. B (false because least affected is staple foods which is consistent)
6. A (brit n usa hv lower brand loyalty, more likely to switch)
7. B (false because it is not the highest for USA)
8. A (yes they are longer, however i dont like the way they worded this sentence, sounds like a trick to me as an inactive lifestyle shortens it, but it doesnt say that an active lifestyle makes it longer. so i would even go with B or C... what do u guys think?)
9. B (false because they were raised together)
10. B (false because they aimed to prove that inactivity leads to diseases and MAY influence ageing, paragraph 1) [u guys chose A right? maybe... maybe not!]
11. A (inconclusive because it doesn't apply to all)
12. B (promotes reg phy activity)
13. C (sample means the respondents to the survey)
14. C (cautious because he says more research is needed)
15. B (he can still improve by pausing longer before turning his head)
16. A (compare n contrast... on the one hand.. on the other etc.)
17. C (without cliche phrases..)
18. B (skilfully = deftly)
19. A (is short of = lacks)
20. B (a more noticeable drawback...)
21. B (analyse his presentation skills)
22. C (children learn, adults apply what they learnt)
23. B (terrific at planning and doing = acting)
24. A (most powerful brain altering technology - school)
25. B (focus on apprenticeship)
26. B (it has extended childhood and delayed mastery)
27. C (argues because he is voicing both sides of the coin)
28. C (no balance, i agree as the first two are definitely wrong)
29. B (a dilemma echoed through the two final questions)
30. B (yes, it depends on the type of fish)
31. D (yes, their measurement was based on how much primary production is needed to make a pound of a type of fish)
32. A (world's biggest seafood print)
33. C (unsustainable = beyond its capacity)
34. D (data that shows it may not be as over-exploited as expected)
35. D (farmed fish are fed with fish from the sea)
36. C (reduce fleets, no catch zones)
37. C (eat tilapia, not salmon)
38. D (no mention of online vs offline friends)
39. B (popular impression = held by most)
40. C (looks very similar to youths in the 1970s)
41. B (he accessed the info on the spot)
42. D (youths used technology to show altruism - helping others)
43. B (II & III are definitely false)
44. C (we view the bad news without feeling anything - insensitive)
45. C (refered to a lot of studies/research)

So guys... how did you do?
To get your component mark:
YOUR RESULT X 120 / 45 = /120

To get your prediction band mark:
YOUR RESULT X 300 / 45 = /300

B1= 0 - 99
B2 = 100 - 139
B3 = 140 - 179
B4 = 180 - 219
B5 = 220 - 259
B6 = 260 - 300

So ... r u happy or not? :P


  1. thank you so much! i'm waiting for the rest.

  2. I think question 1 should be B: because paragraph 1 did not answer the question "why do Malaysians remain brand loyal".

    1. question 27 : can B be accepted?
      question 29 : it should be B (a dilemma) isn't it ?

      by the way ~ thank you very much miss Audrey :)

    2. question 1: agree... but mpm can be tricky.. and say C cos they can... :P

      27 b is possible.. but c is more accurate cos of the last line in the para.

      tq for ur input

    3. can wait ur latest update for reading result
      quite nervous..

    4. 27 is B ..coz just assume that extending only . MPM not too simple to give us find the answer directly , is it? :P

    5. 27 is B.. most of the statement in that paragraph no sign of arguing until like 44-"who would argue against making people smarter?".. just my opinion..

  3. Thx thx thx thx thx..i don't know what to say but really appreciation for it..thank yah!!!:-D wish you have a nice live!:)

  4. got 28/45..
    calculate by band got 186.77=B4

  5. me get 23/45,is it still got chance for band 3?

  6. Replies
    1. i think it is D too..

  7. For question 36, statement IV is definitely wrong coz "ban....." is suggested by sustainable sea-food campaign, not Pauly. My aswer is A..I think

  8. why 28 is not A?

  9. No.1 not A?? "despite the present economic conditions'

    1. "Do not intend to switch to cheaper alternatives'.is this answer WHY?

    2. 'despite' means you are not affected by the's like "you buy an iPhone rather than a Nokia3310 even though you are poor." but does it answer the question "why do you buy expensive phones" ?

      amino: "Do not intend to switch to cheaper alternatives" has the same meaning as being "Brand loyal"... :)

      Just my point of view ~ I'm not the pro here ...only got 32/45 :(

  10. 32/45... 7 more marks to cross band 4 to band 5 :((((

  11. isn't no 7 B canned products is the highest for USA

  12. 2 more correct ans for band 6!=(

  13. Replies
    1. i agree! 25 shud be A

    2. A can be right but when you compare it with B, the answer is more suitable as in para 3, it focus more on apprenticeship. If it wants to mention on development changes, why not mention physical growth or schooling, why focus on mastering skill through apprentice!?

  14. wat the shit! compare with ur ans i just get 16!

  15. miss audrey,questn numbr 25 is it possible the answr to be A???

  16. Question 43: yup... 'III' is definitely wrong, and 'I' is definitely right.

    But 'IV'?: No sign of "social skills" mentioned. And they touched a little bit about "everyday skills" in the last line of paragraph 6.

    Unless we are including paragraph 7 where they said that "they are weak in face-to-face human contact skills"

    Thank you once again :)

    1. it is not limited to para 6, so yes can include para 7.

      'at a cost' of everyday skills means it is getting worse, not better (disproves II)

      and III is wrong because 'does not show a genetic reasoning intelligence'

      get it? :P

    2. got it ~ thanks a lot :)

  17. this is an assumption or what?

  18. hi miss audrey,for question22,is there any possible for the answer A? because it has been stated in paragraph1 line7? "children get to learn freely............-caregivers look after that."
    and question 29, can it be A?
    And for 43, although lll is surely wrong but its doesnt state on worse-off in social skills in para6 ?
    thanks u very much, very appreciate it :)

  19. hi madam! i would like to ask question 2,for me,the keyword in the question is "have resulted" (it already happens), but in the text line 20 stated "can induce"(sounds like a prediction only)~ can the answer be B?

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  21. Madam, i will like to ask is it possible for me to get a low band 5 with my reading result 33/45, its quite impossible right? reading was ok.. speaking and listening was terrible~

    1. i mean writing* was okay~ :D

  22. hi,when will the result be released ?

    1. im also interested in the ans for tis ques! the sch had predicted that it will be out today but the link in mpm is still available for march result only!

    2. Hi anons!

      Based on the release date for the March exams results, I think the July results will also come out 8 weeks after the exams.

      So maybe the results for us will come out in the 3rd week of September, maybe on September 20th?

      I hope that's the latest they'll release the results coz I can't wait to know mine! I'm so nervous! I hope I didn't do so bad. I'm only really worried about my writing part :/

  23. Please I didn't take muet class and i'm also choose as a Private Candidate.. I don't know anything about muet. Can anybody suggest me MUET BOOKS that complete with reading, writing, speaking n listening questions? I will go to Popular Books and MPH to find the book. Please, I'm so afraid, next month speaking test. :'(

  24. I have compared with your answer.your answers are quite accurate.Any tips for improving our reading ability?because i found that sometimes i actually understand the passages but still unable to answer in MUET?MUET questions sometimes are quite confusing especially true and false question?ANY TIPS PLEASE?

    1. I'm very happy to hear that my answers are very reliable... tq so much for helping me compare.

      True - there MUST be evidence to prove it right
      False - there MUST be evidence to prove it wrong
      Not Stated - there is no evidence at all in the text and NEVER use your own opinions/assupmtions to answer the question.