Monday, July 16, 2012

The power of MUET Exhibitions

I'd like to blog about doing exhibitions as part of your MUET syllabus. I've used this technique quite often in my classes... and if you've followed my development over the last few years, you will find that the MUET Colloquium competition which was my brainchild has successfully become an annual event in Sabah.

Anyway, what is the long and short of it?
For MUET teachers, the world is your oyster. You can get the students to do virtually any kind of presentation on powerpoint. For the sample shown below, I realised that most Sabahans and especially school students have no clue about what makes Sabah truly a world class destination so I got my sixth formers to do a "I Love Sabah" campaign. They each prepared 10 slides for their individual project (you can get them to work in pairs as well) with pictures, videos etc on any aspect of the theme. My students worked on 1. Festivals of Sabah, 2. Famous events of Sabah, 3. Endemic animals of Sabah, 4. Eco-tourism in Sabah & so on. 

STEP 1: Select a theme.
STEP 2: Students prepare and practice their powerpoint and 'sales pitch'
STEP 3: Decide on an exhibition date and time. Prepare petition form and doorgifts.
STEP 4: Carry out the exhibition and get as many signatures to support their cause.
STEP 5: Reflect on the challenges/benefits/success of this activity.

In my opinion, this is a great activity to break up the chalk and talk routine, and to give students a chance to use the language in a purposeful and very authentic way.

Just some ideas, you could get them to do awareness campain exhibitions like recycling, organ donation, blood donation, reduce plastics etc...

Or you could get them to develop a product/service for their own company and set up booths to find investors or sell the product. This I did with my adult learners in college and they were great, creating banners and buntings and 'fighting' for investors, all the while making good use of the English language.

Anyway, if you do carry out an exhibition using this as a guideline, please let me know the outcome. :P

Even teachers dropped by to have a look at the exhibition.

The ex-form 6 senior assistant and the current one giving their support to this exhibition.

One of my presenters with her powerpoint and bookmarks.

Look at all the lovely effort put into the free doorgifts to attract visitors.

The petition form, they promised to visit and experience all Sabah has to offer before they retire. :P

Students enjoyed stopping by during their recess time just to learn more about the campaign.

 My adult learners with their exhibition booth... they even paid for a bunting and provided drinks and jellies with the company sticker, plus namecards. Like I said, the world is your oyster!

I think it was a success.. what do you think? :P

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  1. i had series of project with my students, more less the same as you did. it's really great to see the othertalents or softskills that the students have. no more chalk n talk!!